Sunday, January 6, 2019

Back to work tomorrow

Two weeks off is nice, but it still goes by too quick. I got a ton of stuff done though. Finally broke through to the attic. First time I have been able to see it since buying house. I was relieved to find it dry, well insulated and no obvious pest problems. This area is notorious for termites and the yard has carpenter bee damage, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I finally was able to run wiring up from basement to attic so I could install a ceiling fan in living room. That is a huge project off my work list. And best part, the floor lamps can go now. I am so happy with the way it turned out. Have to swing by Lowes and get replacement bulbs. Ceiling fan came with LED lights, but they are the soft white. Soft white to me looks yellow. I like the daylight LEDs, so it will be an easy swap. Only modification I have left on that is to add a 4way switch to the two existing 3 way switches, so I can have a switch by the hallway so I can hit it coming out of the bedroom. The existing two switches are by the front and rear door. They weren't hooked to anything. Being an old house, they were probably, at one time, hooked to the upper plug of the wall outlets to control lamps. They were abandoned long ago. I am so happy they didn't completely cut the wire flush and I was able to tie in on the two switches in the wall. Houses down here don't use conduit, so if you want to fix or run wiring, you just about have to open a wall. Where I want to put the four way switch is where the hall closet is, so I can run the wiring up the closet and cut a box into the wall. Easy fix, but not today. Maybe next weekend.

My car radio and adapters came in, but I am still waiting for the license plate bracket back up camera to come in so I can install it all at once. It is suppose to be here by Friday, so I will hopefully put it in Saturday.

Not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I could get use to retirement really easy. Like my job, but I sure do love my leisure time better. Have three months before my next vacation. Still in the fifties down here so it doesn't even feel like winter. I am enjoying it. Think I will take it easy tomorrow after work. Been so busy while on vacation, I actually feel like a little down time now that it's time to go back. May just light a little fire in the fire pit tomorrow when I get home tomorrow and relax in the back yard if it isn't raining.

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