Friday, July 8, 2016

Steering fixed

I love the internet. It makes life so much easier. The steering on my F150 has been getting bad. Real bad. Stiff spots. I checked the power steering fluid and belt. Inspected for leaks and damage. Nothing. Hop on the internet and input my model and year with problem on youtube.  Steering shaft. The truck I have falls in the middle of the years with a flaw. The steering shaft u-joints freeze up. I pulled it and the lower joint works, one way. It is froze solid in the other direction. I changed it out and I can steer it with one finger now. Never could do that before. It has been going bad for a long time now. I feel like I have a new truck. Part was $250, but carries a lifetime warranty. Video says dealer wanted $750 to change it out. It took less than an hour to change. Definitely glad I checked as I was figuring the pump was bad. Much easier than doing a steering pump, especially when the pump turned out to be fine. Tomorrow, I fix the blower motor resistor. It has been bad for months, but it froze on and not off, so it is just an annoyance. Be nice to turn it off again.

 Not ready for the end of vacation. Back to work Monday darn it. Leave it to me to pick the only week in July that it rains almost nonstop. We lost power for most of yesterday. The west side of town is pretty much destroyed as far as trees and lines go. They are still down and Vectren has a call out to five states to get manpower to put everything right. It was a horrendous storm. I got caught out in it and pulled over until it passed. Trees down everywhere. I am just happy to have power back on again. I do love air conditioning.

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