Friday, February 19, 2016


It is in the upper 60's for the weekend, and I am working.  Arghhh.  I did get the Vette out and washed it. Drove it in to work today. One of the guys I work with got his Vette back from the garage and drove in as well. He just got done having a turbo installed along with a lot of other performance upgrades. New tires as well. I am going to go in early tomorrow so hopefully I can get out early enough to enjoy some of the sunshine. I got home from work and took the truck in for it's bath. It is black under all that filth after all. It makes three weekends in a row for work. They say next weekend, they are going to paint the floor at work. Should get me a reprieve from working as I will not paint. The kids can take care of that. Hopefully, next weekend will be nice so I can actually have a two day weekend where I can go out and enjoy the weather.

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