Friday, September 25, 2015

Gun show weekend

I am off for the whole weekend, and, there is a gun show at the armory, an auction all weekend long at the auction house, and, it is suppose to remain gorgeous outside. It is going to be a great weekend. Got home from work and the neighbor across the street was kind enough to bring over some leftover grilled pork chops fresh off of the grill. Awesome. She is  a great cook. Wish they made air fresheners scented like smoked meats, or bacon for that matter.

At work, I am getting a new to me toy. A CNC universal grinder. I have been requesting one for the last two years, and, it will be here next week. YES. Get to take a look at it before I go on vacation the following week. It has the exact same controller I use on the OD grinder I have now, but it has ID and OD capabilities, and auto gaging for checking size while it is running. It is almost like Christmas in October. It at least takes our capabilities up to the end of the 20th century. Not quite into the 21st, but close.

Tree limbs are all cut up and disposed of finally. Tomorrow, at some point, I will rake up the last of the old mulch and leaves. Gaining on it. All the dead wood is gone. Next spring I will have to start planting some replacement plants as it is getting barren around the perimeter of the house. Just have to make up my mind what I want. Ahh, two whole days off. So looking forward to it.

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