Monday, July 6, 2015

Vacation, at last

Vacation started out great. My kid came down to visit for a few days. Nice having some company for a few days. He headed back up north yesterday. We hit a few great eateries, took in a movie and went downtown for some fireworks. Took him down to Whitakers gun store in Kentucky. We hit up a local car store that carries some really sweet classic cars. They have an immaculate 71 el Camino. Black in and out. They got in a 71 Mustang. It came in the day before we went there, and had sold that morning. They added a 71 Corvette to the inventory. Has a 454, along with an extremely high price tag. We hit up the range for a bit. Took my AR out so he could try it out. Shot my Luger I picked up a couple years back. Took out quite a few different pistols to play with. Was going to take the M1 carbine out, but, couldn't find the ammo for it. I really need to get my ammo organized. Need to do some reloading as well.

 Today, I caught up on some house chores. Tomorrow, heading to an auction at a house with a lot of tools for sale. Auction house has a few different auctions going on most of this week at various locations. I am enjoying not having to go to work for a bit.

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