Saturday, April 10, 2010

The perfect weekend

How can you improve on a weekend that starts with going to the Machine Gun Shoot at knob Creek gun range. The smell of gunpowder, and all things burning. The weather was perfect, and I was able to procure several hundred more rounds of 30-06 for my Garrand ( in enclips, in bandoliers, still sealed in ammo cans) at the low price of $90 per ammo can of 192 rounds each can. They did not have my M1A that I have been searching for, but I can go to range tomorrow and empty some of the above ammo at the club tomorrow.

Get to try out my new O3A4, and shoot my Garrand (my favorite out of all my guns so far). Also get to shoot my 1917 that I bought last year, and still haven't had it out to the range yet. The club has a spot shoot, and a bowling pin shoot scheduled for tomorrow. I wish all weedends could be this good


  1. Sweet! Did you see Tam there? Someday I'm gonna have to get down there. Maybe later this year!

  2. It was a great time. Went with a buddy from work. I went to Tam's site and saw she was going, but didn't see her or any of the other blogging crew.I did see on her site that they have a Patton museum out there. I am going to pack up some of my guns and go back on my next vacation. They have a good store in the Knob creek Range that has alot of nice guns. They had my M1A, but it was the standard and I want the loaded one. They had alot of nice military guns, and some of the cowboy guns I like. I will definately hit the Patton museum. I am also thinking of going to the NRA meet in Charleston this year. It lands on my birthday. Nugent will be there, and hopefully Palin will show up too.

  3. If you need to do any work to her I can get info from my brother-in-law as to where he got parts for his '68.