Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What are the odds

What are the odds of scheduling a vacation, making hotel reservations, getting the dog boarding arranged, setting up someone to look in on the house, then getting home from work to find a jury notice in the mail. Five day notice (only two business days) to be at court bright and early Monday morning to avoid police collecting me and bringing me in to do my duty. What kind of pinheads give a five day notice. What are the odds of lining it up with my vacation. Work pays you full day wages for jury duty, if it is during work and not your vacation. WHAT ARE THE ODDS........But I get a whopping $15 a day to sit and see if my name is called or not. Unbelievable. Still going to hit the Cabela opening and machine gun shoot, just won't be able to stay over for a few days to hit other attractions like I planned. Wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't pushed vacation back twice, a week each time, to help out at work. Couldn't happen during one of those weeks. Can't happen when I get back. Can't even happen toward end of vacation when I don't have plans. At least I was able to get my money back for my hotel reservation with no hassle. Travelocity does come in handy. Very prompt and helpful with support over the phone and no penalties charged.

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