Sunday, April 14, 2013


Went back to Cabela's today and used my coupon and points. Picked up another hundred rounds of .223, some munchies for the trip home, a few clothing items and a new sonic clean for brass and gun parts. Coupon came up at about 10% of order. Smokers weren't on sale so I may check again next week. Heading back out to Louisville for their big gun show next weekend. May hit Cabela's and relieve them of some more ammo as well.

After Cabela's, I headed over to the Louisville zoo. They have a nice one. Spent a few hours burning off some calories and enjoying the sites and the weather. Down right gorgeous out all day. Headed back home and got settled in. Be nice to sleep in my own bed. I hate hotels. Hotel was nice, but the beds and pillows are never very comfortable. Tomorrow is probably just a little relaxing. Have to pick Spike up from doggie day camp. He is probably pretty ripe but happy. Nothing a bath won't handle.

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