Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting back to normal

Headed down to Whitaker gun shop to snoop around a bit. It is actually looking almost normal again. They actually have lots of AR's on the shelves again. Most of an aisle anyway. They had a few AR10's, but not quite what I want. I will keep an eye out though. Would like a 24 inch bull barrel.  Whitaker's never profited on the mayhem. They always had the prices at or below MSRP even at present. They were unwrapping new arrivals while I was there. The pistol cases are getting back to normalish. Still only about half capacity. Rifle and shotgun areas are still pretty bare. Cool part with Whitaker's, if you follow their facebook page, they post all their new inventory as it arrives including ammo. Helps out since they are about a half hour down the road. May have to hit them on the way back from the Kentucky show this weekend. Hoping on scoring some ammo at the show this weekend. Could use some .308.

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