Thursday, April 11, 2013

How did your senator vote today?

Donnelly, not so good, but he is a demorat.

Be sure to check and thank  senator Donnelly (or your senator) appropriately. Let him know what a true piece of excrement he really is. How well he let his constituency down.

 Coats on the other hand shall have my vote. He not only voted down this atrocity, he has answered my letters I have sent regarding immigration and gun control on multiple occasions and shared his views on the topics without wishy washy answers.

Donnelly, not one response. I hope the republicans can put someone up to run against him that can control his tongue on the abortion issue. One day, hopefully, the republicans will realize they can not singlehandedly change abortion and that the liberal media and demorats lob that loaded question to rid themselves of the competition. If not, I shall vote for whatever runs against this spineless douche. Please help annoy Donnelly for his deplorable action today.

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