Friday, April 19, 2013

Oops, I tried to save money

Finally got around to ripping the carpet up in the living room and laying the wood floor. Now I have used Pergo with very good results, but, I had the bright idea to try the Roth Allen flooring at Lowes. What a mistake. I am laying 300 square feet and the Roth Allen crap was a dollar a foot cheaper. It looked great and the samples seemed OK. I spent a couple hours trying to get the stuff to lock and stay. I have laid a lot of tile and wood flooring so I am not new at it. I figured I could save about $300. Nope. I had cut to fit one full box and part of another trying to get it to work. In the end, I wound up taking the unopened boxes back and picked up the Pergo. When I got home, I started putting the replacement flooring down and actually got a good chunk of floor covered. Should finish tomorrow afternoon. Wish I hadn't have tried to save money. Wound up losing about $100, almost half a day labor and having to haul boxes back and pick up replacement supplies.

Check out was fun too. On the original purchase, my Lowes card had to be ran through a couple times and had to verify on the phone that it was me and I was buying something. Here I go the next day, take old flooring back and get it credited to account, get new flooring. head to check out. Card declined. Poor cashier is the same one I had yesterday when I had trouble with the card. She is going through the hoops again trying to get the purchase to go through. I finally just pay cash with money left from last weeks machine gun shoot. I get home and call Lowes. I get the Hindu help that speaks broken English on a bad connection after a wait. I ask what the problem is. Two days in a row I have problems out of my card that has a zero balance on it. I use it to get the discount. They give you a choice of a discount or 6 months same as cash, so I usually just put it on the card and pay it off when the card comes in. Well the Indian woman on the other end of the line is trying to figure it out. She asks me if I tried charging  a grand today at a store. Yes, that is what I am calling about, it was rejected. Well sir, we didn't know if it was you or not so it was declined. ?????????? In the end, she said it is fixed???? what ever was broke. and all should be good now. I hate dealing with customer service that is farmed out to foreign countries. I have another issue with the card, I am going to see if the store has a way I can talk to an actual American worker who may have a clue. It happens again, I will start shopping Home Depot.

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