Sunday, December 4, 2016

How cool would it be.

You now have a republican controlled house, senate and one in the White House. Trump has already turned down the salary for being president. He is a billionaire and doesn't really need security once retired from being president. Currently, Obama is seeking to increase the annual retirement benefit to him and all retired presidents. People on Social Security get screwed every year on increases and threatened with cut backs at every turn. How cool would it be for Trump to cut back on some of the waste. Like, severely reduce the salary and benefits of retired presidents. Limit the Secret Service protection to just the president and first lady after they retire, not their offspring.  Or get rid of it all together, as they are retired. Major savings. I don't have a personal security detail and they are always looking to disarm the civilians. Instead of increasing the salary per their request, reduce it. They aren't exactly living in poverty and think nothing of cutting social security. It would be great to reduce the pension for retired congress critters as well, but you would never get that approved as the ones effected would be the ones voting on it. But, cutting the expense of retired presidents would be totally doable. It would probably resonate well with the general public as well. Could always put a provision on the ballot and have all people of every state vote to reduce congress critters pay by a certain percentage and then tie future raises to the same percentage they give people on Social Security. May give them insensitive to fix Social Security. Makes no sense to let them vote their own pay raises. I would love to be able to set mine. I would definitely be able to retire early.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mixed opinions

We lost a lot of jobs over the last several years in the area. Good paying jobs. Living wage jobs. They moved Whirlpool to Mexico. Not once have I heard anyone say "thank God they moved my job to Mexico". Instead, a lot of families were tearful, wondering what they were going to live on. Where they were going to go. How they were going to be able to survive. I work with a few of them that came to work for our company when that occurred. The large number of people displaced by the closure were not absorbed by the industry in the area as there just weren't enough skilled openings available.

Recently, they closed most of the Alcoa facility, jobs again leaving the country. My neighbor and his family that live across the street from me were in tears. He was out of work for several months. He found a job to get by recently. He now has to travel forty five minutes each way. It doesn't pay near what he was making, and he gets to work 12 hour shifts that rotate between day and night shift with a one or two day break between swings. Most of his coworkers are still out of work.

Thanks to Obama's "lets put coal miners out of work" plan, most of the mines are being shut down. More people out of work, as well as a lot of the skilled labor that supports those jobs. Again, we hired a mere couple of people out of one of the coal company repair facilities as apprentices for the shop. They got a significant pay decrease and must go to school while working. And again, there are NOW, even less companies to hire the people put out of work as we have lost several industries to this loss of jobs. Hopefully, this part may recover somewhat as Trump will probably roll back a lot of the EPA regs that killed the coal industry down here.

It aggravates me to the core to hear idiots say that the jobs leaving the country are of little value. They are blue collar jobs nobody wants. Bullshit. There are a lot of people effected with each company moving jobs out of country. Many skilled high paying jobs. Many regular blue collar jobs. A whole bunch of supporting industry that supports these jobs. It devastates areas.

I for one, applaud the efforts of Trump for at least trying to salvage some jobs. I would like to see NAFTA scrapped altogether. A lot more jobs probably could have been kept in country simply by telling Carrier that we would be looking elsewhere for products they currently supply to the government, instead of the tax incentives he gave. That also would send a better message to other companies that are relocating overseas.

Labor is only one of many reasons companies go overseas. Regulations on industry in the USA are beyond ridiculous. Anyone that has to deal with OSHA knows how ridiculous they can get with some regulations. Not knocking OSHA, as it is necessary to get companies to comply with a safe environment, but, they take it to ridiculous and ludicrous levels on many of their regulations. It is easier to have a company out of country to get around this.

Another company killing regulation system is ISO 900X. Every year the number changes as do the stupid rules. We are a tool and die shop. We manufacture molds and rebuild molds for our plastics plants throughout the USA, as well as other companies. With ISO rules, every gage block, pin, micrometer, and measuring device of every type HAS to be sent out annually for "calibration" and certified, and recertified every single year. A lot of the stuff sent out is used in a crude fashion during setup. Almost every single thing we make is of high enough precision, it has to be measured and documented (in ISO fashion) on a CMM and paperwork accompanies part as well as filed for our use. So, as stated, most of the blocks and pins and such are for reference on the floor as the CMM is the final check. This does not matter to the ISO rules. What does this mean. Every single thing gets certified annually at great cost and inconvenience as the tools are missing from service during calibration period. If one of these items is off by so much as .0001", if fails and has to be replaced per ISO regulations. One member came up with a cost savings idea. Throw out the sets of pins and gages and buy new every year. Actually would be less costly than certifying tools and replacing individual gage pins and blocks. Nope. They found out this year that even brand new, name brand gages have to be certified. The certificates that come with the new gages is not good enough. The US is way over regulated. ISO is international, but the way it is handled in the US, I would probably move a company out of country if I had to adhere to these stupid regulation. We lose hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to this alone.

I value my blue collar job as do all my coworkers. I once again thank Trump for making an effort to save some jobs from going out of country. I hope in the future, instead of giving tax incentives, he may use government contract loss more of a tool. After all, if Carrier pulls out of country, they are no longer an American company. If you are going to use a foreign supplier, may as well choose one that didn't leave the country. Hit them in the pocket book instead of the taxpayers pocket book. Jobs leaving the country DO MATTER, all of them. Every single one of them.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. Spike and I are just chilling out on the couch, watching AMC's Dukeathon. Back to back John Wayne all day. Turkey in the oven, pop in some potatoes and veggies later on. Eat some, nap some, gonna be a good day. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wishing for some normalcy

In the last year, I have had wisdom teeth extracted, and a root canal. I can honestly say I would prefer either of these to having to sit through a play, any day, always.... Liberal trash, instead of being grown ups and appreciating a VP was in the audience watching them perform,  decided instead to belittle VP pick, Pence. To call him out, stop the show, and berate him to the audience. I am pretty sure Pence probably paid a pretty hefty price to get in to see the show. How vile and pathetic. We have put up with Obama and his ilk for eight miserable years. I have yet to hear of conservatives gathering at the golf courses (where he spends the majority of his time) booing or otherwise harassing him. For the most part, most of us conservatives respect the law and other peoples views, whether we agree with them or not. We also go to work instead of collecting welfare as we picket and pillage. The country needs a good cleansing.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Grand Tour started yesterday....

I was waiting for it to start. Missed it by a day. The new series with the guys from Top Gear started yesterday. Have to watch it later on as it is on demand. Good to see they are back. Been on vacation a couple days. Nice and relaxing. Getting things squared away. Taking a bunch of stuff to a consignment shop. Thinning things up a bit. Good to get some downtime for a bit. Short week next week as well.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I knew I forgot something

I went to the store today and grocery shopped. I meant to drop by the baby aisle and pick up some diaper pins. Not sure if the couple of liberals at work have picked any up yet. One of the bosses next door (at work, we have multiple buildings) is a Hillary supporter and anti-Trumper, I just found out through facebook. Wouldn't want them not having diaper pins. Should have got some preparation H as well. Apparently, Donald is going to stack the supreme court with judges that will let him off on the Trump University suit. Not being a liberal, my logical way of thinking gets in the way of figuring out how the supreme court pick is going to help him out.

Only a two day work week this week, if I don't use a personal day to fill in a bit. Can't wait. Going into vacation mode. Two short weeks in a row, then, three work weeks left until I go on two weeks of vacation. Freaking awesome.

I feel like I am in a bugs bunny cartoon. I have some kind of digging critter tearing the yard up. Too big of tunnels to be moles. Not sure if it is gophers or what. I am trying the poison in the tunnels first, before trying the smoke bombs. Had a mole problem up north, but the tunnels were nothing compared with the mounds these things are leaving. Much funnier on the cartoons than in real life.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Well, that was quick

My vote in the primary and the election were actually worth putting in this time. I hit it right both times for a change. Seeing Hillary dethroned, I would put satan himself in charge of the US. Already seeing a change. The local TV had a commercial for the coal mine hiring again. Looks like they might be getting ready for some regulation rollbacks already. I know it would go a long way to reviving the area again. As the mines went down, so did all the industries around here that supported the mining equipment. It would be great to see people going back to work again.

Our Bernie Sanders/ Hillary fan is looking pretty down in the dumps. He was a bigtime Bernie fan, and when Hillary screwed him out of the primary, he quickly became a Hillary supporter. Full in supporter as in going in after work to call centers trying to get people to vote for her. I might feel sorry for him had he not been a total tool both times Obama won and rubbed it in everyones faces, but, I still give him room and don't ride him. Too easy a target, and don't really like kicking someone when they are down, even if they do when they are up. I did ask him before the election how he could support a conniving POS like Hillary after she basically screwed Bernie over. His explanation, Bernie said to support her, so, like a good little robot, he obeyed. Sad. I did ask him for a Hillary sign to use as target practice. He already disposed of them.

Watching all the little special flowers go through melt down. They probably would have dealt with it better had they had a normal childhood. When you grow up in a world of playing games and not keeping score. Handing out trophies simply for participating and such, you really end up with a generation that can't handle loss. Safe spaces, in colleges. Words hurt. Grow up......Sad part is at some point, these people will be in charge. Hopefully, I will be dead before then, but I feel bad for my kids generation.

Two more work days, then a whole day off. Yeah. It is a short week next week as I am on vacation from Wednesday onward. Then the following week is thanksgiving, so it is a short week as well. I am ready for some down time. Going to head to the bank next week and get preapproved for buying a house. Then, head back and check out the house I am looking at again. I pass it on the way to work everyday.