Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh Bloomberg, you liberal twit

I watched his commercial, and, it blatantly screams FOR gun rights. The woman is with her child calling police, guy breaks in, takes kid, shoots mommy. I am sorry, but, it kinda hints that maybe if mommy had a gun, she could have aimed it at the entrance while dialing the police. You know, since criminals already have guns and don't care about the law anyhow.  Poor old Bloomberg will just never get it. He is right about one thing. We do need to contact our congress critters. Just not quite like Bloomy wants though. Thanks for the commercial Bloomberg.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Steam show and fleamarket today

Gun auction went rather late yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to go to the steam show. Got up early and headed out. It was rather steamy out even early in the morning. They had the sawmill and blacksmith set up. We had an extremely bad storm last night, so, quite a few of the vendors had called it quits. The mill wasn't running yet when it started sprinkling. I hit most of what was left of the flea market. Between the heat, humidity and the dwindling vendors, I decided to head home. I did pick up a slab of ribs to go before leaving. You get anywhere near the BBQ area and it is hard to resist. Spent the rest of the day just relaxing.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Way too much fun............

Today was auction day. It was a lot of fun. I should have done some research on the full auto section as the prices were extremely low by market value. The 50 went for 18,500. She is complete with all accessories, papers, crates and a box of ammo. They had a brand new spare barrel for sale on a different item number. The Sten went for $3900, the ruger for $8000.

I would have come home with more had the order of guns been different. A few of the guns toward the end of auction I wanted went way too high. Had I known, I would have bid on a few of the earlier guns. I did pick up one pistol I really like, and have eyeballed in the past. It looks like new, as in never fired. Has box and papers. Not a really high valued gun, nor necessarily popular, but I like it.

Chambered for .380, of which I have a lot. I have seen these every so often, but this one never hit the price they go for, or even half the price they generally go for. I picked this up and another enfield. It wasn't going for much, and it did have a pokey thing (the brits call it a bayonet, but it looks more like a pokey thing). Figured it doesn't eat anything and I picked it up for about half what they go for. I know I won one other gun, but somehow, when I went to pay, they didn't have a record of it. Maybe I will get a call when the figure it out. The gun went somewhere. My guess is they wrote the number down wrong and put it on some other bidder's winnings. It wasn't anything fancy either. Just a pistol that should have gone for more. This weekend was a bad time for them to schedule a gun auction, as far as a seller is concerned. It was great for the buyers. There was a fair, a steam show,  and a huge flea market. Flea market being the type guys like. Tools, tractors and such. There were people there, but not as many as usually come, which effected both price and popularity. Popularity being most of the military stuff didn't hit what  it usually does. Hunting rifles pretty much hit their usual target, until toward the end. A lot of people left and the last few guns went for a song.

I cleaned up in the silent auction. I almost felt guilty for the price I got the stuff for. There was so much reloading supplies that they couldn't get top dollar out of it. They actually threw a ton of brass in the regular auction to help get rid of some of it. I didn't buy any reloads. I don't know the guy who reloaded them and I am always leery of buying reloads from a stranger. Might be good, but no guarantee. I did want some lead bullets though. And there were rows of ammo cans full of them. I bid on four containers figuring I would be out bid on a couple of them and hoping I got one or two. Nope. I got them all. I am stocked for a really long time. They were $20-$25 bucks each. I bid 5 extra on the .45 as people were going after them more than the .38. 

Yes, twenty dollars, sized, lubed and ready to load, and in ammo cans. I should have bought them all. Talk about heavy.... I also picked up a big ammo can for a few bucks...

And some magazines for the carbine. Forteen all together. All major manufacturers included. Came out at about six bucks a magazine. I tried for a couple Dillon reloaders but got beat out. It was the largest silent auction they have ever had. The reload gear was one guy..... One of the guys I work with showed up at the auction. Last week, the auction house auctioned his aunt's house and furnishings. He said he talked to the auctioneers about the gun auction. They told him the one guy came in and borrowed their enclosed trailer to haul in his silent auction supplies. Said he filled it up twice. I believe it. You would have to see it to believe it. He had more reloading gear and ammo than most of the biggest gun stores I have seen.

Friday, July 25, 2014

It looks awesome

I headed down to the auction preview. It is huge......

I walk in the door and see the overflow of the silent auction part. I am in heaven. There are tons of reloading items. I shoot a lot of nonjacketed .38 and .45. There are rows of ammo cans full of bullets. all sized and lubed and ready for loading. They have a few dillons. I may pick one up if it goes cheap enough. Be nice to leave one dedicated to .38. There are cases of ammo, pallets of lead, pallets of bullets, and an unbelievable amount of brass. I was told a lot of the reloading stuff came from one man who recently passed away as well as a lot of the guns. WOW. The reloading stuff continues into the next room which is the main room housing the guns and auction. It follows the perimeter of the room. There is so much brass, they have lots being auctioned to reduce some of the bulk.

The browning .50 won't be there until the morning along with the other machine gun. I always like to see what they bring. The .50 is up to $8750 so far. There are some really cool guns as well. So far they have have a total of three hundred on the block. I will be spending the day watching and bidding:)

There is a Winchester and an Inland M1 carbine which would look nice in my safe.

A Garand tanker. The first one I have seen outside of pictures. The poor Krag next to it was butchered long ago.
Everyone needs at least one .50 cal. You just never know when the zombie apocalypse is going to hit.

There were some nice bullet boards there, but they are already pulling a couple grand a piece. They are cool, but not that cool. At least one of my buddies from work will be there. Sunday will be the Steam show and flea market. Next weekend is the friends of the NRA banquet. It is going to be a great couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tough choices....

It is almost impossible for me to turn down overtime, almost. I always work as often as I can. So, it was hard, but, I asked the boss to schedule someone else for Saturday this week. This weekend is the huge gun auction, the steam show/ flea market in the next county, and, the fair in my county. Lots to do and I shouldn't be bored. Tomorrow is the preview where I can check out the guns they have to auction as well as what is in the silent auction. Will post some pics tomorrow. Probably going to try and get out tomorrow with only eight hours under my belt. Weekend is going to be awesome.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And on a most positive note.....


Bloomberg, Pelosi and other whiners won't admit it, but, much like climate change, gun control is also a lot of built up nonsense. It may amaze them to find there hasn't been a shooting there yet, nor a robbery for that matter. Could it be that law abiding gun owners aren't the problem? hmmm. It was a refreshing article though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finishing the grip area

                        Started out on this end by drilling hole for the pivot pin spring and detent.

Next up, mill out the material to form tabs for pivot pin.
Next up, mill the last surface for the grip panel.
Drill hole for grip. I didn't have tap on hand, so I will tap it later.
Left side mock up
Right side mock up.
Need to finish buffer tube hole (bore and tap), and the buffer retainer hole. Then I can start milling out the magazine pocket and the trigger group area.