Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And on a most positive note.....

Bloomberg, Pelosi and other whiners won't admit it, but, much like climate change, gun control is also a lot of built up nonsense. It may amaze them to find there hasn't been a shooting there yet, nor a robbery for that matter. Could it be that law abiding gun owners aren't the problem? hmmm. It was a refreshing article though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finishing the grip area

                        Started out on this end by drilling hole for the pivot pin spring and detent.

Next up, mill out the material to form tabs for pivot pin.
Next up, mill the last surface for the grip panel.
Drill hole for grip. I didn't have tap on hand, so I will tap it later.
Left side mock up
Right side mock up.
Need to finish buffer tube hole (bore and tap), and the buffer retainer hole. Then I can start milling out the magazine pocket and the trigger group area.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Buffer tube end

After work, I did a bit more on the lower. Made a quick drill guide out of a scrap of key stock. Drill is quite long, compounded by the fact that the area being drilled has a radius on the side that you have to break into without the bit walking off center.

                     All lined up on the hole, just need to put the drill guide in place to keep drill true.

I just held the block up against the angle plate and drilled through first tang. You can remove block    once you break through first tang as that hole lines up the next one.

Here it is all the way through. This is the hole I was most concerned with as it is a long way down with an extremely thin drill....................

                                            can be seen here.

Here I spot faced the pocket, drilled the hole for the take down pin spring, and drilled a starter hole for where the threaded hole will be for the buffer tube. I will finish bore it to size and thread it in the lathe.

                                     A little clean up and blending of the area where the grip goes.

Same with the other side. I will place on an angle block and mill the angled area to print, then drill and tap. She will be ready for the grip at that point.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finally got back on track

After letting it sit for too long, I did some more on my AR lower today. Finally have all the tooling I need to complete. Just lack ambition to stay the course.
First up, the bolt release slot. Have to make sure the piece is far enough up out of vise as to not knick the jaws.

                                          Next, milling out the magazine release slot.

Make sure to check fitment and adjust if needed.
While I had the right size endmill in there, I move over and milled the flats on the selector tabs. I dropped the selector in to check fitment.
Next up, the left hand grip panel is milled. You want to mill so that you finish 3/16 of an inch above center as the web thickness will end up being 3/8 when we are done. This finishes the left side, now for the right.
On the right side, I milled a shallow pocket for the head of the take down pin and then proceeded to mill the pocket for the mag release button. Now this operation involves milling the slot, and then, with the same 5/16 mill, mill a straight pocket down center of button pocket to accommodate the spring.
Once the pocket is milled, make sure to check fitment. You want this to move smooth and easy without hanging up.
Here I milled the right side grip panel to finish the 3/8 thickness. If done proper, it should be centered.
Here, the right side is done. I drilled the second hole for the trigger guard. Be sure not to drill too deep as it does not go all the way through. It is hard to see, but I also drilled a 5/64 inch vent hole up near the right take down pin. It is only 1/8 deep.
Next up on the list will be the buffer tube end. The hard part on that end will be drilling the hole for the pin that holds the bolt release lever in place. It is a small diameter (3/32) and needs to be long. I will make a drill guide out of a small piece of keystock to keep the drill from walking while drilling. I don't have a tap the right size, and don't intend to buy one as they are not cheap. I will drill and tap a couple holes in the forging where I will later mill the magazine pocket. This will allow me to bolt the forging to a piece of steel and I can then put it in my lathe where I can use a cutter to cut the threads for the buffer tube to fit into.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boy, don't I feel silly...

Here I am complaining about illegal immigrants invading our country and the government not doing anything about it. Some papers point at it as a good start. Forty. Wow.

It's kinda like emptying a bathtub with a teaspoon, while the faucet is running full blast. We, meaning our government, chartered a private plane to ship forty illegals home for a photo-op, for both governments, theirs and ours. Here's an idea. Use military transport planes. Pack them to capacity, let one take off, load another and repeat until all invaders have been removed. Nix the taxpayer supplied care packages to boot. It is the right idea, they just need to put it in high gear.

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's been a fast three years

Got a notice in the mail yesterday. My renewal for my curio and relic license. It is much easier to renew than apply. I didn't have to go down to the sheriff station and wait to see the sheriff and have him sign off on it like I did when originally applying. Just had to mail a copy of the renewal to the sheriff station. It comes in handy at the Kentucky gun shows. Most of the booths won't sell to you unless you have an FFL. I can buy qualifying handguns in other states, and take them home.  Cool thing I found out as well, machine guns count as C&R if they fall into the age rule and are on the list. Still have to pay the $200 tax stamp, but only once. Should I get lucky down the road and find the M2 I hope to get one day, I don't have to pay a to have it transferred to a Class 3 FFL, and again to have it transferred to me (which seems kind of silly anyway). Having a Curio Relic license, I can pay the fee, pass back ground and have it transferred and shipped directly to me. Doubt I will ever get one, but, if one comes along at decent price, it would be a cool addition to the collection as well as an investment as the price only goes up over time. The auctions down here get a few machine guns here and there, but so far, nothing that really interests me as far as owning. The one next week has a 50 cal. While high on the cool factor, don't care to try and afford to buy one, afford to shoot it, have room in a safe to lock it up, and, find a place to shoot it. On the other hand, the M2 would be a comfortable shoot, the local club allows machine guns (not the 50 cal variety) and the ammo isn't too badly priced. After every Halloween, they have a pumpkin shoot at the club. They bring out their machine guns and make pumpkin pulp: ) Like I said, doubtful to happen, but I keep hoping they get one at the auction.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Usually, when I go on vacation, I pick a cheap Comfort Inn. Something in a decent area, not fancy, just somewhere to sleep while on a trip. Check this out. Full concierge service. Three swimming pools. Read the brochure, it is quite impressive. How many weeks do you think you could afford to stay here. Well, in order to stay here, if the nasty public hadn't butted in and ruined it, all you would have to do is leave the country and sneak in illegally. The government, which can't seem to find money for the veterans, was in the process of buying above hotel resort. What for,,,,,, Housing the illegal immigrants of course. A place for the people sneaking in our country to stay while awaiting seeing a judge or other arrangements. This is no joke. The only reason it got dropped is because the local citizens (legal American citizens) raised holy hell, and justly so.

I found this so unbelievable, I had to check a different media source, and:

The government was going to hire staff to run the hotel for the immigrants. What the hell. How about we go through with the purchase of this facility and house the veterans who need help there and boot the illegals directly back across the border, no pit stop, no money, no free (paid for by us taxpayers) anything. Simply send them back across the border. Maybe the ones heading this way would turn back when they saw a wave of their brethren heading back home.