Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Well,,,,after about a week
After about a week of rioting about the poor choir boy who got shot by the white cop, facts start to trickle out, slowly. It appears the officers eye socket was fractured and he was beat damn near unconscious when he shot the poor black child. Those miniscule facts just don't fit into the liberal racially fueled press though. In other news, a black cop shot a crazy ass cracker. No rioting going on as of yet. But, then again, most of us crazy ass crackers have to go to work tomorrow thus getting in the way of protesting rioting and looting, dang it.

And in yet other left wing nut job unbiased news, it's history the way liberals see it.

No bias here. Kinda curious if they edited out the holocaust as some of our friends overseas are in the process of doing. Apparently, the muslims are offended by the teachings of the holocaust as in their screwed up heads, it didn't happen. England is one of the countries that is currently trying to get it out of their history lessons so as not to offend I am sure it is in our new history scheme. Love the article. Can't say I am throwing a conniption fit, but I am severely nauseated at both the way the liberals are trying to literally rewrite history, and this article written by a liberal nut job.

Oh well, time to turn off the news, finish out the week a day early, and head out to the follies. Work tomorrow, take personal day Friday so I can get to the Frog Follies when they open Friday morning. Three fun filled days of hotrods, flea market, car parts, and just general fun.

Got home today and disassembled the top end of the lathe and cleaned, stoned and lubed the slide and compound. It was really stiff. It was filthy. She moves smooth now. Want to do a couple mods on it though. Found a nice website that has prints for putting a heavy duty quick change tool post on it. Want to make a bigger handle on it as well, with a bearing in it to make it a tad smoother. Also has a slick mod that will allow me to cut left hand threads with it. Should be a pretty nice weekend. If I am off next weekend, the Indy 1500 may be the destination.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Buddy from work is getting ready to head up north to go bear hunting in a few weeks. Needed to sight in his new scope. Took him out to the club for a bit and got it all dialed in. While there, I tested the little ERMA .380 I picked up at the auction. Got a whopping four rounds out before it jammed, and jammed, and jammed. Have to take some of the other brand I have out and see if any of it feeds any better. Don't understand getting four good ones in a row, then nothing. Emptied mag, put different cartridges in a couple times. Removed one bullet at a time from mag to see if spring tension had any factor. Take it back this weekend with some Winchester white box and a few rounds out of my personal protection box just to try it. Presently using reloads from a very reliable supplier from northern Indiana. They feed fine in my Browning BDA. Wish I had taken a few other guns along to play with. Wasn't planning on having issues. Need to take the drill along next time. All the backer boards are shot out. Club keeps new boards stacked to the side, but without a way to unscrew old and screw in the new, not much good.
 Love my truck, but still have to work out my range supply storage. Use to keep range bag, tool box, rangefinder, safety gear and all in the cargo area of my SUV. May arrange an underseat compartment for the back seat of truck so I can leave gear there all the time. Weekend list at work is out. I am actually getting what I believe to be my forth weekend in a row off. Unreal. It is gorgeous out, and I am getting weekends off. I might actually get use to this. May even have to go out and get a life. Looks to be a shooting weekend this weekend. Cowboy town is calling.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I can't believe they left out MLK
I believe they tried to change the rest, but the omission of Martin Luther King. Usually when liberals try to rewrite history, this type of mistake wouldn't happen. The rest, very believable. From the people who have already changed some text books to make the second amendment as meaning arming militia only. Upon being questioned about it, the response was it was a mistake when they shortened it. Like the second amendment was so long, it had to be shortened. Their latest attempt is  leaving out such things as the Holocaust, Ben Franklin and many other things from history teachings all together. Portraying  our countries heroes as bullies. Yes, I believe the liberals have won a lot of ground over the years, and now, if history doesn't back their beliefs, they just rewrite it. I sincerely hope the idea gets nixed. It is very important that history be taught, and taught properly so as to be less likely to repeat great mistakes of the past. The constant push by the liberals to brainwash the kids into thinking in the screwed up manner as they do is quite discouraging.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

NOT one of modern builders better ideas.............

Up north, I had a house that was constructed in the 60's. It needed work, and I did a ton of it. Among the things done, electrical repair. I ran wiring for ceiling lights, which the house had none in any of the bedrooms. I installed ceiling fans. I put recessed lighting in the living room. All done with conduit. Lovely conduit. Have problems with a wire, pull a new one. Want a separate switch for the light and the fan, pull an additional wire through (although I pulled and tied off an extra wire on rooms I ran wires to for this purpose). I did a ton of work on the house, then, work shut my shop down and I relocated south. I am quite happy down here, but, after renovating house up north, I opted to buy a newer house so I would not have to have all the fun again.
Being newer construction, conduit was not used. There are funny reasons from construction outfits as to why. One outfit claimed wires get damaged from mold and condensation from the conduit :) Yeah, he really said that. Quite obviously, it is a lot cheaper to drill holes to route through studs and staple wire to the studs, then, drywall over. What really sucks, having to trouble shoot wires when you have a problem. Having to run a wire or add on. The mental midget that did the wiring here had a weak wrist. He just couldn't torque the screws at the outlets and switches enough where they don't arc and eventually not work. I have chased down a few circuits where limp wrist caused a circuit to open. To date I have replaced three switches and three receptacles in different areas of the house. I am revisiting one circuit.
Two years back, all my outdoor lighting died. I traced it back to a bad connection in a wall outlet, in the hallway of the house, where they tied in for power. The arcing was bad enough to melt part of the outlet and blacken the wire. I trimmed the wire up and replaced the damaged receptacle. I am now trying to trace a different part of the circuit. I have power to the outlet in the hall, but, no power at the lights which daisy chain off one another. Conduit, I could trace the route along the way. Modern stapled wire, beat head on wall and try and guess where the shit goes. I pulled two of the light fixtures, one outlet and a couple switches to try and trace the problem. Found one dead neutral wire on one of the two light switches which run the lights, which won't be bad to fix, but I would like to find other end of dead neutral so as to make sure that end, the end that would be connected to breaker box, doesn't short out. If I had had the house built, it would have been conduit throughout............

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Good food, good time

Hit the Friends of the NRA banquet last night. Didn't win anything, but it was a great time. As luck would have it, I sat down at an open table to eat dinner, and all the ladies that walk the items around the event sat down at the table. Met a bunch of people from my club as well as a few from work. They were packed. No open spots at the tables, which is good as they had to have raised a decent amount of money. The money raised goes to help youth shooting sports and many other endeavors. I go to this one, and the one our club holds every year.

Got up this morning and hit one of the local gun shows. Picked up a small Kennedy machinist box and a riser box for fifty bucks. The two drawer riser is in great shape, the box is a bit rough, but will do fine in the garage for holding some cutters, micrometers, indicators and such. Couldn't pass it by for the price. Had some biscuits and gravy while there as well. They have decent food there. Trying to get up the ambition to go play in the garage a bit, but it feels good just to sit down for a little while.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I have lost hard drives over the years.

I won't but Western digital to this day as they were the worst. As in when a drive I bought new died, they sent me a new one as I had the warranty. The new drive died, and again, I got yet another under warranty. That one died shortly before the warranty ran out. That being said, I am very familiar with hard drive failures, how to replace them and what a pain it is to lose info. What I don't understand is how someone can lose a hard drive which loses certain chunks of e-mail, yet saves others. Very weird.

Funny how the ones that would implicate her and the IRS conveniently disappeared. I can't really say too much about her remarks on the conservatives as I tend to berate the liberals in much the same way. Big differences are I use my computer, not a government agency's computer. I don't work for said agency. She abused her authority by singling out conservatives and got away with it. If I were to have e-mails similar to hers on my work account, I wouldn't be working anymore. Government officials should be held to a higher standard as what they do effects all tax paying citizens. Still say her and a whole slew of people covering for her should be in a cell somewhere.

It will be a busy weekend.

Tomorrow is the Friends of the NRA banquet, which is always a blast. Then, I have a two day weekend. I figured out a cheap fixture to mount my AR lower to in order to turn the threads for the buffer tube. Picked up the material after work. Should be pretty solid, and self centering on the lathe. Should get that done this weekend along with a decent start on the magazine pocket. Only one more day to go.