Monday, December 15, 2014

Need a vote

It's looking great so far. Over 95% are against the universal background checks. Still doesn't hurt to add to the number.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Yeah, bonus day today

Bonus day falls between paydays, so, you get paid three weeks in a row. Awesome. I get the weekend off which is another plus. Have to head to the club and pay my dues for 2015 tomorrow. Shoot my new guns while there. Have to drop Spike off at the vets for his semiannual tuneup. One more long week to work and 2014, at least the work portion, is over. The 4H gunshow is this weekend and the armory next weekend. It's going to feel great to just sleep in a bit. The getting up at 4AM is getting old.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


YES, it is now 54 seats held by the Republicans, or, more importantly, NOT by the demorats. Life is a tad better. Now if we can just flush the white house, all will be on an uphill swing, or at the least, a slower downhill spiral.

Nice relaxing day. Slept in, made breakfast and started laundry. Plan on just resting up a bit today. I believe the coming week will be just eight hour days, so should be a bit relaxing. I need it after the hectic pace we have been holding at work. Want to head over to the range after work tomorrow for some fun. Pick up some ammo for the new plinker on the way. Need to order a magazine (or a clip as the liberals refer to them as) for the other one. Found some on e-bay. Do a bit of snooping on the net and see if I can find a better price.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Oh well

The broomhandle headed north of two grand, so, it didn't come home with me, dang it. I did pick up a couple plinkers and another enfield though. Picked up a .22 Stoeger luger. Needs a magazine, but it was under two hundred, so I can afford a magazine. Got a FN1922 plinker as well. Came with a holster with the Nazi markings on it. The enfield was just too nice to leave on the shelf. Silent auction was horrid. I really don't understand why on earth they put air rifles and bb guns in the auction. I wish they would have had all the real guns first with the junk at the end for those interested in toys. They splattered them here and there so you couldn't even go out for a snack break.

Still two weeks until vacation. Don't know if I can wait that long. Works been beyond busy with no end in sight. Lots of work, which is good. I was suppose to work today, but with a gun auction going on and me being the senior worker, one of the other guys filled in for me today. Next two weekends are local gun shows.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Obama needs some help.

Apparently, he can't find police cameras for under $5260.00 each. I am pretty sure you can pick up a very decent Go cam at best buy for a couple hundred a piece. They come ready to mount to a harness.  Probably get a pretty good discount on 50,000 of them. Didn't realize Fergy had that many police officers, but, whatever. I am sure dumbass isn't earmarking any of this money to help replace items damaged by the nimrods rioting and burning their own town. Should just put up a containment fence to keep all the scum inside. Let them wallow in the waste they made. Now that he fixed immigration, he is going to dedicate the remainder of his presidency fixing racism. What a guy.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stupid Phone

Probably more like stupid me. I can't seem to get the pictures I took at yesterdays military show to download on my computer. Have to try again later when I don't feel like whipping it against a wall. It was a really nice show. They actually had a lot of military guns at this one. usually it is more flags (original bring backs, not repos), medals, uniforms, books and just about anything you can think of. I came out of it with a stack of sixties and seventies era American Rifleman magazines. A stack of them for five bucks.  Figured it would be pretty cool to see the old articles and the surplus guns going for a few bucks.

 Did notice names change, but the evil villain (gun control ) goes on through the ages. There are articles about the Dodd committee, and Ed Kennedy with his anti gun rhetoric. One article is about congress killing the ammo registration that was put into effect by Dodd. I was in first grade when most of that went down, so I am totally oblivious to the politics of the day. I don't have the issues with the 1968 gun control act being put through. It is interesting reading the early liberals attempts at banning guns and ammo. The ammo registration has Edward Kennedy arguing that they should have included .22 ammo in the registration act. Seeing as how his son Robert was killed by a .22, I suppose I could see how he would view such a thing. Would make one heck of a stack of paperwork though. Could you imagine every single box of .22 ammo having to be logged in a book somewhere.

I found a few items I wanted, just couldn't get the prices where I wanted them. I would have liked a  early ammo can (.303 brit) but the guy wouldn't budge on price. Next show is in April. I don't think I have hit that one before. Probably lines up with the spring machine gun shoot. Next weekend is the gun auction.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Monday, I, and a great many people will be heading back to work after the holiday . Not the Fergy protesters. When you live on the government dime, you can afford to go on a seven day march. A big pile of teddy bears commemorates the brute who pummeled a police officer after assaulting a store clerk and making off with some cigars. The story which just won't die.