Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am so loving it

Just awesome. Freakin awesome. I hope he continues to fly all over the country "helping" his brethren. He can skip Illinois. Illinois has about as much chance going red as a cow does of flying. However, I sincerely hope Obama goes over and gives Quinn some "help". Who knows, that cow may just fly after all.

Nice show

Biggest Indy1500 I have seen in a really long time. Had some really cool firearms. I refrained from buying any guns this time around, but not for a lack of availability. They Had a table full of double rifles with pictures of the African hunts they were on. I saw three Krags, two at really reasonable prices. PMC Bronze 223 (which I shoot quite regularly) was as low as $8 for a box of 20. All in all, a great show.
I did pick up some tools. One of the hallways leading to a side room had a machinist that was clearing out some of his old tools at really reasonable prices. Picked up a Starett one inch mic for ten bucks. A few Jacobs mini chucks for the mill for five bucks a pop. A boring/threading bar for the lathe for ten bucks, and, a full fractional American made set of drills for twenty bucks. The drills were used, but all were sharpened properly. Guns are great, but so are tools.
The 80% AR lowers are getting quite ridiculous on price. They want $80 for an 80% you finish lower. One table had a drill fixture for making them, for $100. Kinda defeats the purpose. May as well buy a finished one and be done with it at those prices.
I am on vacation now and going to get back on the one I started a few months back. I have the little CNC mill set back up in my office, and the cutter I need for milling the threads. Be something new to try. I have some scrap pieces of aluminum to practice on before cutting the lower. Picked up a billet of aluminum to try and cut a lower out of. Found a program on the web. I want to pick up a block of machineable wax to practice on before doing the billet.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gun show tomorrow

Today was just sheer relaxation. The dog and I enjoyed some eggs and bacon to get the day off to a good start. After that, not too much. It felt good just to relax, sip coffee, and watch some recorded shows. Tomorrow will be the Indy gun show. Haven't been to one in several months. Not really after anything in particular, just a fun show to look around.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nine days of relaxation,yes

Work is done, grass is cut, and I am ready to enjoy some R&R. Want to hit the Indy 1500 this weekend. Just not sure which day yet. The Louisville one is going on as well, but I believe I will hit the Indy one this time around. The Louisville one is just a regular gun show, and not the military one that is really cool to go to. Weather is looking cool, but sunny for the foreseeable future, so it looks like I may have picked a good week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I would have bet a lot that this would never happen in time.

The court actually acted extremely promptly to kill the last minute effort by the liberals to allow people without ID's to vote, illegal immigrants and such, and allows for the state of Texas to require ID to vote. I really find it quite laughable that the liberals think the headache involved with getting a birth certificate (it costs $3) puts it as a burden on minorities. Texas GIVES free Id's for voting at no cost to low income people, paid for by taxpayers. You do need to show a birth certificate to obtain one, which makes it harder for the poor illegals to support the democrats, since they don't have one.

Indiana has had this requirement for many years. It is a good rule. Rather ridiculous to even think of not having someone prove who they are in order to vote. Heck, you have to show ID to buy beer. Do the liquor stores place a burden on the poor, seeing how apparently, they have no ID?

Monday, October 13, 2014

The new crowns are in

I am temporarily back to 32 teeth, until I get the wisdom teeth yanked. More fun for the fall.  Monday is at a merciful end. Tornado sirens going off all around. A little sideways rain and a cool looking black sky rolled through. Only four more days until the weekend. Hope to hit Indy up this weekend for the big gun show. Haven't been to the last few. They are always fun. Even if I don't pick up a new firearm, I usually find some decent machinist tools for sale at one of the booths. Good way to start vacation.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rain, rain and more freakin rain....

What a drizzly mess. Suppose to keep up through Wednesday. Don't believe I am going to bother with the machine gun shoot. It will be a muddy mess, especially the parking area.  Probably grab my raincoat and hit the club to help out with the spot shoot for a while. Next weekend is the gun show in Indy, so that should be doable. Indoors, so rain won't effect it. Been a while since I have been to one there. One more week until vacation.