Sunday, September 21, 2014

Well, it's the day I do my bills

I pay my bills online on my laptop, and, apparently someone didn't think he got his ears scratched enough before hand. Or he thinks he is part parrot. He use to climb up there when he was  a little pup and nap. Hasn't done it in years, but apparently, I wasn't paying enough attention to him. It was a gorgeous day out today. Lots of relaxation and not much productivity. Didn't make the club this week. Felt too good just relaxing for a bit and not going anywhere. I did wander out and get the dog's treats. Apparently the grocery store eliminated the treats he likes so I had to hit the pet store and stock up. They had a decent sale on them where you buy two, you get one free, so he is set for some time to come.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Smooth day

Love Saturdays. No bosses so you can actually concentrate on getting your work done without their "help".  Day went great, and got off  work to beautiful weather outside, except for the skeeters. Blood sucking vermin. Tomorrow starts the spot shoots at the club so I will be heading out there to get some work hours in. Hopefully get home in time to get some stuff done outside. Fun stuff as I already knocked out the lawn work. Want to wash the Vette off and take her out for a while. I would take it to the club except they have a long gravel drive.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finally a decent day

My jaw feels fine for the first time in a while. Wisdom tooth calmed down and all is well. Machines are all back up and functioning at work, and I can simply run them. Ahhh. Back to a somewhat normal state. Going on work weekend number two. Should make the next check a bit more palatable. Believe the spot shoots start this weekend, so, I believe I will swing by the club and get in some of my work hours. Usually have them in by the spring and putting in bonus hours now, but, I was extremely busy at work in the spring and didn't get to participate. Lawn work is all done, so hopefully get some garage time tomorrow. Last couple days have been spent napping after work. Feeling quite a bit better than I have in a while. Would like to finish some garage projects. Want to reorganize so I can get the Vette over more to the middle of the garage giving me some more room by the bench so I can work with the car in the garage. I would love to have a bigger garage, or better yet, a pole barn. Only a few more weeks until the fall machine gun shoot. This year has flown by.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back to the dentist, yippee

After an unbearable day at work, I was fortunate enough to get into the dentist right after work. The right side never did fully recover after the temporary crown. I figured it was just the gums were raw from all the digging and drilling. Went in and she ground the crown to get some high spots off and it felt better, but the whole side was still tender. She told me to give it a few days and see if it got better as it may be tender from the high spot hitting, which made sense. Now, after only a few hours, the crown area feels much better, allowing me to feel the real problem. The wisdom tooth on that side is very sore. With the crown hitting, the whole area was lit up, but now I can definitely tell where the problem lies. Head back tomorrow and see if I can get a referral on getting them pulled. Dentist recommended it while I was getting crown done. They won't do it there, but will refer me somewhere. The fun just never ends.

Did manage to complete repairs on the machine they crashed over the weekend. No water leak. New grinding wheel installed. I fixed the solenoid for the coolant shut off. Fixed the way guards and replaced the way covers. Back in business and no mess. May actually be able to go in tomorrow, stay clean, and simply run a couple machines.

Monday, September 15, 2014

beating things back into shape.............

Machine I put back together Saturday after back shift majorly crashed the heck out of it leaked coolant like a sieve. I pull rubber way guard and find the stainless steel accordion guard covering the ways was bent all to hell. Took a couple hours getting the tangled mess disassembled and another few hours to beat and bend it back into shape. What a mess. Should have a new wheel to put on it tomorrow so hopefully we will be back up and running again.

Perfect timing. Working on the machine, I usually replace all damaged bolts with fresh, especially when they are 5mm button head cap screws. Can't get to new ones. The geniuses that run the place decided to replace MSC with Grainger, and MSC was in removing their tool cabinets which hold ALL hardware. Bolts, nuts, threading inserts, cutting inserts, taps, dies, every single thing every person in the shop needs all day long. What a mess. Everything Grainger has, which is way less than MSC stocks, is much more expensive. Grainger doesn't offer the inventory control MSC provided for checking items out against a job number so as to charge customer for parts used. This move will definitely cripple the shop for the foreseeable future. We peons on the floor had zero warning it was happening so we couldn't even get what we knew we would need out of cabinets to get by while they transition. They might be able to run the place worse than they do, but it would definitely be a challenge. Oh well, Monday is over. Hopefully it isn't one of those weeks with five Mondays in them.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Productive weekend

Finally forced myself to finish the fireplace project I started, shamefully several months ago. It shouldn't have taken that long. Only took about seven hours to complete. Should have done it months ago instead of leaving it looking half done. Great to have the living room looking presentable again, and the fireplace turned out very nice too. Waiting for everything to cure so I can take away some of the bracing, but that is just dry time.

I got my new C&R license Friday. Can't believe it's been three years since I got the first one. Renewing is a breeze as I only had to mail a copy of form to the sheriff's office instead of going in to get a signature like the first time you apply. Good for another three years now. Saw some delusional TV while working on the fireplace. Bill Maher came on, with Nancy Pelosi as his guest. WOW. Talk about a real life dumb and dumber. After watching the two babble about their twisted view of reality, I changed the channel. People actually liked those two, but, they were in DC.

Not much fun today, but got a ton of stuff done that needed doing. Managed to get my lathe moved and elevated so it's at a more comfortable level to work at. Hope on finishing up the work bench after I get off tomorrow. I have the Kennedy box I picked up at the fleamarket on the bench and some of the tools put away. Going to bring the Gerstner box inside. I will use it in the office for the tooling for my little table top mill. Trying to reorganize the garage so I have room to work out there. Would love to put another garage in back yard. Saw a neighbor do it  a few blocks down. Doesn't look bad at all. If I do it, I figure I will get rid of the shed and have garage built deep enough to have a space for yard stuff at the back of it with a separate door to get yard gear out without moving a vehicle. If I do that, it will be a couple years down the road. That would make it where I could actually use half my attached garage for a work shop and actually have room. Want to reinforce the floor in corner of my bedroom as well so I can move my big gun safe in the house and give me a bit more room at wall of garage.

 Oh well, back to work tomorrow. Hope it is better than last week. Last week was extra special. Went in Saturday and spent most of the day putting a machine back together. One of the guys blew the wheel up in it. Twenty inch diameter three inch wide wheel. When you blow one of those up, you need a change of shorts, maybe pants too. Got it reassembled and the job set back up. Just glad I'm not the guy who has to explain blowing up a thousand dollar wheel. Main thing is nobody got hurt. I was amazed the Lexan window held the shrapnel inside the machine. With the machine show over with in Chicago, hopefully I can get hold of the service people on one of the other machines I am working on. Love to go to the machine show one of these years. When it is going on, it pretty much cripples getting hold of any service people in the industry.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time to print out and fill out the score cards again...

Yes, it is only midterm, but they all count. I really, really, really, yes and one more really wish Donnelly's ass was on this one. This is a nice site. You input your info and it tells you who is on your ballot and what questions will be asked, and it is printable so you can choose and take it along to the poll. Questions are easy. Retain judges? NO. I really wish Indiana could help win back the Senate, but, as said, Donnelly's useless Obama loving butt is not on the line on this one. Hopefully the Republicans can find someone who can control themselves to run against him. Still pissed off at Mourdock. He had it in the bag, then he opened his mouth. Oh well. At least we know he was against abortions. Thus, we got Donnelly. Yes, Donnelly. A couple more years of Donnelly. Oh well. Against abortions is perfectly fine. Say you are prolife and go on. Don't do a Mourdock and stick your foot in your mouth. We lost two senate seats over it. Say your prolife and let it be. No theatrics, no hysteria, no ridiculous elaborations, just move on.