Friday, October 6, 2017

Who would have thought that was a bad idea

I have been down here about nine years. At work, we have a few CNC grinders I run when I am not repairing them, seeing as how they are Swiss made. They may know watches, but they suck at electronics. When we brought the Kelvaria down from Chicago, it had a bad air conditioner in the electrical cabinet. We were running it with the door open to keep the electrics cool. Being a tool and die shop of high precision parts, it is temperature controlled rather well, so all was good. They didn't like that down here, as I am sure OSHA wouldn't as well, so, they ordered a new unit. The company sent the wrong one, from Switzerland, for several thousand dollars. Our genius bosses didn't want to send the unit back. Against my wishes, they made it fit, with the help of a plasma cutter. They cut a hole in the back of the cabinet and the floor of the cabinet. Nine years I have had issues with the machine. It has sucked the oil and filth from the floor under the machine and blown it directly into the Siemens drives which are located directly above the AC unit.
The workhead on the machine has been dying all week. The drive finally succumbed to the oil dripping off of it. I can't believe the electronics didn't fry years ago. The drive was alarming the machine out, but I was able to limp it along for a few days if I moved chuck by hand as I hit the start button. The initial inertia was enough to get it going. The boss finally let me look into fixing it. I told him I thought the AC unit was the root of the problem and showed him the oil soaked drives. I removed the AC unit and ran machine for a few days. Without the AC unit, ALL ALARMS I have been getting intermittently for years went away. ALL of them. The drive died altogether yesterday. I ordered a new one online and robbed one from the other Kelvaria grinder to test out. Machine is running flawlessly for the first time in nine years. Boss let me order the proper AC unit for it. He would not however let me castrate the person who butchered it years ago making life a living hell. Typical lack of logic in management, they won't let me replace the other drive cards that are dripping oil and grit. I told him the place that rebuilds them would only cost us about three grand to do the rest of the drives and the power supply. Twenty five year old machine, the drives owe us nothing. Boss says we will wait for them to die. Down time will cost us way more than what preventative repair would cost. Total lack of logic in the work place. I am glad I am closer to retirement than starting out. I sure don't like the way things work anymore. Total lack of logic.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gun show day

Made it out to the gun show at the armory. My buddy was there with some rather interesting stuff as usual. He has a very extensive collection of guns. I have bought a few. He reminded me of the pumpkin shoot they have at their club after Halloween. I need to check it out. They buy a bunch of surplus pumpkins for next to nothing after Halloween and, have a machine gun shoot. Kinda like Gunny has with watermelons. Sounds like a great time. He introduced me to his buddy at the show who sells full auto weapons. He will be there as well. They have several machine guns each, so it should be rather fun and educational.
House is coming along finally. Kitchen is pretty well in order. I bought some cabinet organizers I have yet to install. Dining room is finally cleaned out of empty boxes and miscellaneous items that needed sorting through. I found a tv stand I want so I can get the living room situated the way I want it. I was going to pick it up while I was out, but got to feeling pretty lousy, so I came home and laid down. Been working a lot of hours and I think I am just ran down a bit. Feeling rather tired and blah. Things to do, but no ambition to do them with. They will still be there tomorrow. Hopefully I will be up to doing them. They keep talking cutting overtime at work, but it hasn't happened yet. It is hard to cut hours when you have an over abundance of millennials for help that don't do much other than take up space. I could get more done if they would get them out of the way. Probably work less hours if I didn't have to fix what they mess up after I go home. Two weeks until I get a couple vacation days. Hopefully go to the machine gun shoot out in Kentucky. That is always a good time.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It's a bit comical, in a sad way

I moved down to southern Indiana and absolutely love the area. I have all the restaurants, stores and conveniences I had up north, without the traffic and congestion. I love it. Don't miss the liberal agenda being so close to Chicago. Don't miss the crime at all. It is nice. The news media down here wishes they were bigger. It is very sad, to the point of being almost comical. We had a demented individual, who happened to be black, get shot and killed. This particular individual positioned himself outside a federal building and was ranting and threatening one day. The next day, he came back with a baseball bat and started taking out windows. Police tazed him, and it didn't slow him down. He went to attack, they shot and killed him. Local news tried doing the BLM bit. Built up the fact that there was a crowd forming to protest at the federal building. I looked at the pictures. Both pictures. Six people. Same six people in both pics. One laying on the ground drawing so and so's life matters in chalk on the sidewalk. Cute side note, the authorities warned the protesters if they drew on the building, it was federal property, and they would go to jail and be prosecuted. So, draw on the sidewalk. News tried their best to build up the scenario, but nada. No mob. I love this area. Most people responding in the news posts were on the side of the police and justifiably so.

Today, the DACA protesters are in the news. They numbered in the single digits as well. Eight. Four on each side of the street. Creative photos in the news tried their best to make it look like more. Hard to do with eight people. One shot, the photographer had to be on a knee shooting almost straight up so you saw one face and a few picket signs. All the signs there :)  I am so happy that we lack the protesting idiots the big cities have. It does look almost comical at times though. Liberals are too dense to realize all Trump is trying to do is get congress to do the job they are suppose to do. DACA was an Obama overreach. Executive branch isn't suppose to make laws. That is congresses job. By killing the DACA order, it throws the ball into the lawmakers arena for them to hash out. Not being heartless, but I have no soft spot on this issue. It may not be the fault of the kids dragged here, but where do you draw the line. If you grant amnesty now, you will always grant it forever. The so called dreamers, if you do the math, are the kids dragged here by their parents after the Reagan amnesty. Fat lot of good that did as they kept sneaking in. Nothing against immigrants. Come in legally. Get a permit. Get in lint. Farmer needs help, hire workers using the work permit system. Bring them in legally. They get background checked. They are checked for diseases. If they are here legally, they don't have to put up with the abuse many do out of worry about being caught. It is a win win. Enough of the amnesty nonsense. It does nothing but tell the rest of the world, go ahead, sneak in, eventually we will grant you citizenship and you don't need to conform at all. I feel sorry for the kids that were dragged here, but at some time, you have to draw a line and stand your ground.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Lowes dropped off my new mower this morning. It actually arrived a half hour earlier than their earliest estimate, freeing up most of my day. Forty two inch cut beats the heck out of the twenty of my self propelled mower. Started right up and ran smooth. Very happy with the handling and shifting. Can't beat it for being as cheap as it was. I have had good luck out of Troybilt, so I am hoping it lasts a long time. My self propelled is nine years old and still starts at the first pull. Got the edger out and knocked back all the weeds and overgrowth. The trees in back and front yard were severely in need of trimming. The fence had the weight of years of growth on them as well as power lines. Knocked everything back and weed whacked everything. Don't think anything but a pass with a lawnmower has been done to the yard in many years. It definitely looks a lot better.

I installed the closet doors in the main bedroom today. Still need to pull the trim on the bottom so door will close all the way. Have to find my pry bar. Tools are not organized yet. Going to be a while. Refrigerator has seen better days. Doesn't seem to be keeping up very well. Checked them out at Lowes while I was there. Picked one out that is actually quite inexpensive. Massive sale going on. I can't see spending thousands on a refrigerator for weird trinkets. I have a chest freezer, so I don't really need a massive drawer freezer. Will be nice having water and ice in the door again. Rest of appliances are fine. Nice to just stick around the house and work on stuff instead of moving things. I can actually see myself gaining.

I got my drivers license and gun permit in the mail today. That was quick. Especially for being government. Didn't go to Indy for the gun show. Figured I better try and get some stuff done.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Finally done

The storage lockers are now empty and closed out. I need to bring the Mustang home before the first of the month, but my buddy said he would pick it up and tow it early next week. Tomorrow is the Frog Follies, so that is where I will be all day. Suppose to be eighty degrees with no humidity. Should be a perfect day. I will start organizing the house better Saturday. Main rooms have been set up for a while now, but the office and basement are still in boxes and disassembled furniture. I bought some LED lights for down there to brighten it up quite a bit.

 I bought my mower. It will be delivered Saturday. I wanted the Husqvarna, but after doing research, I found that all the mowers at the big box stores are knock offs. Meaning, Husqvarna and John Deere make a subpar machine with their name on it to sell at a cheaper price. The mowers at Lowes had horrible reviews. The common problem was the transmission. My buddy bought his John Deere at the John Deere dealer. They have the 100 series, which is what they sell at the box stores. Salesman told him they have floor models on display, but won't sell them because they are junk. The reviews at Lowes said people took their machines in to dealers to get fixed, and were refused service. My yard is small enough where I was borderline on buying a rider anyway. It is only about .6 acre, so push mow isn't too bad. I bought a Troybilt Pony at Lowes. It is the lowest priced one, but it has a 7 speed manual transmission instead of the hydostatic transmission. All the knockoffs seem to have issues with the hydostatic transmissions. It would definitely be nicer, while it worked. Only wound up spending $900 on it with the coupon I had for ten percent off. Troybilt is also a whore, as it sells it's name as well. I almost bought the pony model at Rural King, a local farm store, but I noticed they used a different motor, and probably a different trans as well. The Lowes model uses Briggs and Stratton, the same model at Rural king had a motor that, after I researched the name, was a cheap Chinese motor. I would have bought a name brand one at a dealer, but the price jumps to about three grand. Not worth it to me. If I had acreage, I would do it in a heart beat. My lawn is just too small to make it worth while.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Rain today, so I figured I could take a day off of moving stuff and just sit and relax. Wrong. I get an email from my storage unit. My unit was found unlocked and I need to come check it out, again. This nonsense happened last month and it wound up being that the unit, which has two doors, but only  one operable as the other one is bolted shut, only had a lock on the operable door and not the one that is bolted shut. The people who inspect the units noticed it and notified all people with double door units. IDIOTS. This time around, I got the message minutes after getting home. I let Spike out, get him back inside and head over to unit. My unit is fine, unit next to mine is missing lock and has a cut off lock laying on the ground. I go to the office. They are out to lunch. I head to Lowes and come back a bit later. I tell the office guy that he notified the wrong unit and that I found the one next to mine tampered with. He informs me their system glitched and notified everyone that their units had been left unlocked. Brilliant. He also lacked interest in the fact that the unit next to mine had a cut lock. Says people cut the locks off their units often, that it isn't a concern. I am so glad I will be out of there by the weekend. It is a pathetic way to run a business. I only have a few items left in each unit, but they are big. Two workbenches, two console stereos, and a treadmill base. I also have my two lathes in there, but they are table tops. Heavy, but somewhat manageable. Picked up some deli for dinner and now relaxing a bit. Tomorrow is the last workday for the week. Thursday I will finish emptying units, get my new riding mower, hopefully mow yard, and do some stuff around the house. Friday is the Frog Follies. Saturday will be the Follies or the Indy 1500 gunshow.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ready for some time off.

This is ridiculous. Back to working  six day weeks. I normally don't mind overtime, I would love to have some extra time off to get everything in order. I did manage to get the smaller rental unit just about empty. Only three items left in it. Big items, but doable. I will have it emptied tomorrow and start on the big unit. I am going to empty it into the big storage shed out back. Lowes just cut the price on the mower I want, so I will be hitting them up tomorrow to pick one up. I have a ten percent off coupon, so that will help as well. Want to pick up the bagger unit for it as well as I have several huge trees that will soon be shedding their leaves. Next week is only a three day week for me. Friday starts the Frog Follies, which I never miss. I took Thursday off so I am guaranteed Saturday off. Figure I can finish off clearing the last storage shed out Thursday. I am looking forward to being completely done. I got my license changed over. Changed my gun permit and sent in my FFL change of address as well. Still have to call a few credit cards. Mail is actually coming regular now. I took this evening off. I have been working all day everyday and moving things out of storage at night. I worked this morning and decided I would just take the evening and relax a bit. Pretty much crashed on the couch for a few hours. Spike liked that. He took a nap along side me after I let him out in the yard for his romp.