Saturday, October 10, 2015

That flew by

Only one day left before having to head back in to work. Darn it. New guy called up this morning. He jammed the machine against a hard limit switch. The other machine, he couldn't remember the sequence for starting it up. Headed in to get them going so they would not lose a couple shifts production. What should have been a five minute fix turned into a couple hours. Limit switch has never been hit before. Twenty years of accumulated grime, it went down and didn't come back up. I had to disassemble and clean switch to get machine back on line. Still, not the worst vacation damage. Usually go in to find one machine needing repair after being gone a week. My new machine still hasn't come in yet. Maybe next week.

While driving home yesterday, I noticed a shimmy in the truck at highway speed. Tires look like they are about toast. Getting kinda squirrely in the rain as well. Been researching brands to what people are having the best results with and getting prices. Truck tires definitely get your attention on price. Been meaning to do the brakes as well. Nasty dust on front wheels and don't like the way it brakes. When I bought the truck a year and a half back, they said they put new brakes on it. I noticed at the time how the rotors looked a grooved. Apparently new brakes on a truck they're selling means they threw a set of pads on it. Pads looked good when I pulled them, but I went ahead and put the ceramic pads that I bought on it. Put some heavier duty rotors on while I was at it. An extra thirty bucks per, but I want to see if they hold up better than the cheapies do. She brakes smoothly now, no pulsing and a clean stop. Back looked good so I let them go for now. Tomorrow, I will paint the fence.....

Friday, October 9, 2015

machine gun shoot day

Eight years of going to the shoot, sometimes to both the spring and fall shoots. I finally got to park topside for the first time ever. It is awesome. Shop, buy, drop off at truck and go back for more. Last shoot, I was the first car they diverted to the back lot, which is a heck of a walk or bus ride to the shoot area. Weather was a bit damp, but not too bad. It rained hard for several minutes. A few times, it sprinkled extremely lightly. All in all, quite doable. I picked up some AR stuff. Found a couple guns I was interested in. I even brought money. What did I forget. My FFL license. I keep copies in my glove box so I always have them handy. What I did forget was that my license expired October first. I renewed, but, I didn't have updated copies in the truck, just expired ones. Grrrrr. Pop back by the bank tomorrow and drop some money back into the account.

Start the day off with gunpowder in the air, finish it up with the smells of a steam show. Hit it on the way home. Saw what was open of the flea market. Not completely setup yet. Some of the engines were running. Saw mill won't start until tomorrow. I did pick up some BBQ for dinner though. Probably hit it again tomorrow when everything is up and running. It was on the way home and only three bucks to get in, so it was worth a stop.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lots of cleaning out of the way

New pressure washer works great. Knocked the green growth off of the siding, prepped the fence for painting and cleaned the walkway. Garage floor will probably be in the spring. I was a bit worried when I read the reviews. Had quite a few bad ones as well as a lot of good ones. I usually have good luck out of craftsman and brigs and Stratton. I figure the bad reviews are the people who fired up the motor without turning the water on and purging the air out of the line. It doesn't take much to burn one of those pumps out. If you follow directions, they usually perform well. Probably hit the machine gun shoot tomorrow, the steam show Saturday, and paint the fence on Sunday. Week off is going by a lot quicker than the work weeks do.

Better,not perfect, but better

Time Warner got my complaint and is refunding my money. They said they never turned it into the credit agencies. They just have a standard way of shutting down accounts. They send it through their collection service, which has a third party name and the letter states that you have been placed in collection. So, I made out better than I thought I would. I get my money back and my credit is clear. Maybe when the Attorney Generals office gets done with the complaint I filed through them, they may see the error of their practices, but it is doubtful. They still think it is alright to scare people into paying an extra fee by threatening them with collection. How a big company like that can behave in such a way is beyond me. I will never do business with them again.

I am enjoying the new service I have through WOW. I just use internet, no cable. I picked up Netflix for entertainment and sling tv for the few channels I do watch. It gives me History, AMC and I picked up the EPIX channels as well. My cable is faster and only twenty five bucks a month for two years. Huge savings and a better selection than before as I only watched a few stations on cable anyhow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Runabout day

Spent the day running about shopping for a pressure washer. List of things that need cleaning has been mounting. Want to paint the fence and it is a mess. Thought I could just hose it and paint. Not. Throw in the moldy siding on one side of the house and some spots on garage floor, drive and walkway, time for a new tool. I had it down between two washers after hitting the top three box stores and sears. I wound up back at Lowes, where I started my search. The only boxed one they had that wasn't on top shelf looked like it fell from the top shelf. After looking for help, I snagged an employee from a couple rows over. He was stocking Christmas ornaments (yuck, too early to even think about yet). I told him what I needed. He tells me they are down already. I explain I would like one that didn't fall from top shelf. He looks rather put out and tells me he can get one down, but, it will take about a half hour. He stands and stares at me trying to see if this will be alright. I tell him he can go back to hanging ornaments, I will just go to sears. He waddles off.

I get back in my car and notice the driver in the next truck over is a bit overly hairy.

He didn't move at all, not even his head when I walked by. Looked like he was posing for the commercial with the driving dogs:)

I hit sears up and picked up a craftsman with a briggs and Stratton motor. Has about the same psi as the one I was going to get, I just like troy-bilt better. It is about $60 cheaper as well. I hit up the auction to see what they were selling tomorrow. They had nothing I was interested in so I will be blasting my fence tomorrow morning. I want to take a couple rifles to the auction house to go in their gun auction in December. Want to test the waters a bit. I get some good deals once in a while, but, usually the December one, being close to Christmas, people tend to go nuts on bidding. Last year, I was looking at a couple guns I was going to buy new and figured I could pick them up cheaper there. They went for a higher price than new. Figured I would gamble with a couple of guns I don't care for. Lever actions do quite well there for bidding. I have a Rossi I can't stand. It will be one of them going on the block. Most of the day will be cleaning the fence and siding. Probably try painting on Saturday. Figure after power washing, I will have to let it dry out good before painting it. Friday will be the machine gun shoot, weather permitting. Have a steam show to fit in there as well. Spot shoot at the club Sunday, maybe. See how everything goes. Lots happening this weekend.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It is fall, right?

I would swear it is Spring, and a rough one at that, going by lawn equipment. I go to fire up the edger. It usually fires up on the first pull. I end up pulling the carb and cleaning it after not being able to get it to start, even bringing starting fluid into the mix. Get my edging done. Pull out the weed eater. Guess what, no start here either. Pull carb and clean it up. She fires on second pull and runs good. Knock out half the yard, and, the coupler at the end of the shaft that houses two worm gears, strips out. Hosed. I put it away and pull out the lawn mower. She always starts first pull even after storage through winter. She actually fired up as per usual and I finished up most of the yard. All but the weed whacking. That was yesterday. Today, I pulled out the lower end of my old (20 year old) Ryobi weed whacker and pop it on my troy-bilt  weed whacker. The old head for the Ryobi died a few years back, but I kept the attachments. Wish I had just bought another Ryobi. Did have to hit up Menards for a new real for it as the old one was trashed. I quit using the lower last year because I couldn't find a reel. They are easy to reload line onto and last almost forever, but they do wear out. Fired up the whacker and knocked out last of trimming. Shouldn't be too many more mowings left in the year. Lawn gremlins must have attacked with a vengeance. My spring usually goes smoother than this mowing cycle.

Haven't heard back from the better business bureau on Time Warner yet. They said it could take until mid month. Today I filed a complaint with the consumer department of the attorney generals office. Want to see them change their practices more than giving me back a few bucks. Fined heavily would be nice as well.  I turned in the collection agency they deal with as well. There has to be, or should be a minimum waiting period before turning someone in for nonpayment. I would think it would extend past a couple weeks time. Sure hope they enjoy their sixty bucks.

Tomorrow, start painting the fence. Last work day around the house. I will start fun the following day. Thursday is the auction. Machine gun shoot starts Friday. Steam show starts Friday as well. Not sure of the order I will hit them in yet, but there is lots to do. Including  a huge festival downtown with lots of food.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gun shows not so big anymore

Hit one last weekend and another today. They both had a lot of empty tables and empty space. Still lots of people, just less on display. Looking forward to the machine gun shoot next weekend. Take my money with that I saved at the last several gun shows. Only a few weeks out from the Indy 1500 again as well. Lucked out and lined my vacation up with the fall festival downtown. It's like taste of Chicago, only in Evansville. They line up a few blocks of downtown with food booths from all sorts of restaurants and organizations. You can definitely find something you like. It runs all day, everyday all week long. They have a decent carnival ride area for the kiddies of all ages. Usually have some decent live entertainment as well. Suppose to be a good week weatherwise. Probably hit the club tomorrow and get some of my work hours in. Not too much time left in the year.