Monday, October 27, 2014

How convenient

Second state, so far....

First Illinois ( no shocker at all there), now Maryland. Of course, since the Demorats gain and it only effects everyone else, calibration issue instead of fraud is the wording picked by our liberal media groups. I do believe if they simply passed a law stating that any and all "calibration errors" would result in mandatory long term jail time for everyone involved starting at the company that installed the machine, this "error" may stop and the demorats may no longer receive a couple hundred percent of the vote in some areas. But, good luck getting anyone to really try to fix a broken system.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thank you Hillary, I knew you could do it :)

Remember Obama's "you didn't build it quote? Well, Hillary gave us hers, and hopefully, she can be beat down with it.

Thanks Hillary. Keep those quotes coming please.

Great mini trip

Headed back up north to my cousin's youngest daughter's wedding. Still can't believe the little ones are grown ups now. Got up there Friday, early in the day and stayed at my brother's new house. Makes the back hurt just looking at all the work he accomplished since my last visit. Back yard is bush hogged down and actually looks like a well maintained lawn. Hard to believe how fast the grass filled in. Most of the dead bushes have been uprooted and disposed of. He even bought a brand spanking new tractor, and I got to drive it. Way cool. Has a bucket on the front, a mower underneath, and a snow thrower on order. Now if he can just put the cappuccino machine in (already comes with beer cup holders. The pole barn is huge. The toys one can put in that. It's nice to sit and watch nature walk by the front window. He has a beautiful view of a small lake out the back porch. You can enjoy watching the ducks and geese come in, without having the mess in your own yard. Quite a nice set up.

Pretty cool and multifunctional piece of equipment. Makes me want to go buy a bigger piece of property so I can go dig some holes:) Glad to see he got something dependable to do the chores. We are getting too long in the tooth to be out there digging and ripping by hand anymore. Besides, where is the fun in that.

Got to catch up with Og and his wife as well. It's always a blast to visit with them. We all went out to a Mongolian restaurant. It was awesome. You pick out from a wide assortment of various meats and veggies and sauces, take what you want, place by the chefs and they fry it up for you while you watch. If it had hooves, a beak, or swam, it was probably available on the buffet. Great eggrolls and deserts. I ate until I hurt, then nibbled a bit more. Didn't get to see the Oglet this time around as she is away at school, and doing quite well from what I heard. It's always a pleasure to visit with the Og clan.

Wish I could have stayed for breakfast on Sunday morning, but, the dog sitter has early pick up hours on Sundays and I like having him around. Didn't want to have to leave him there until Monday evening. He came back a bit on the dirty side, so he had a good time. Have to give him a bath after he recovers a bit. After getting home, he generally naps for the better part of a day recovering. They have their own private runs in their kennel. She also sets up pools for them to play in in the warm weather. Dog toys abound. Gives him a chance to play with other dogs for a while. He is generally pretty wore out when he gets home.

Went to the wedding, which was very nice. The Father who performed the ceremony was very entertaining. I enjoyed the whole wedding. Afterwards, we headed over to my Aunt's house to visit until the reception. My Uncle from out of town was visiting so I got to see them for a while. They both suffered the loss of their dogs over the last couple years, and now both have new pups they are contending with. My Uncle got another Lab which we haven't got to meet yet. My Aunt, who usually gets Brittany Spaniels, got a Boston Terrier, which is more of a Boston Terror. Silly thing reminded me of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon. Moved from chewing on one thing, on to another. It tried shaving my brother's beard with his teeth and proceeded to drool on his shoes. Cute little thing, but I don't know how my Aunt is going to keep up with the little cyclone. The reception was great. Got to catch up with most of what is left of the family. Food was great. Got to visit some with my cousins, which I normally only see when I go up at Christmas time.

Headed out for home right from the reception. Rather peaceful traveling at night. No traffic. Usually have speed traps set up along the way, so I held the cruise about eight miles over the whole way home. Made it within twenty miles of home and someone passed me like I was standing still ( I was doing seventy). Unfortunately for him, officer friendly happened to be traveling the opposite way. Startled me as the cop did a sharp U turn and wound up alongside me, lit the tires and chased the nut job down. Unmarked car, so I didn't know what was happening until the officer finally put his lights on. Got home about 1:30 this morning. Got a call from a friend telling me about a fleamarket today, so I hit that after picking Spike up and dropping him at home. Picked up a dozen files for two bucks. They are in great shape and made in the US as opposed to cheap imports. A little rust coloring, but nothing a wire brush won't clean up.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am so loving it

Just awesome. Freakin awesome. I hope he continues to fly all over the country "helping" his brethren. He can skip Illinois. Illinois has about as much chance going red as a cow does of flying. However, I sincerely hope Obama goes over and gives Quinn some "help". Who knows, that cow may just fly after all.

Nice show

Biggest Indy1500 I have seen in a really long time. Had some really cool firearms. I refrained from buying any guns this time around, but not for a lack of availability. They Had a table full of double rifles with pictures of the African hunts they were on. I saw three Krags, two at really reasonable prices. PMC Bronze 223 (which I shoot quite regularly) was as low as $8 for a box of 20. All in all, a great show.
I did pick up some tools. One of the hallways leading to a side room had a machinist that was clearing out some of his old tools at really reasonable prices. Picked up a Starett one inch mic for ten bucks. A few Jacobs mini chucks for the mill for five bucks a pop. A boring/threading bar for the lathe for ten bucks, and, a full fractional American made set of drills for twenty bucks. The drills were used, but all were sharpened properly. Guns are great, but so are tools.
The 80% AR lowers are getting quite ridiculous on price. They want $80 for an 80% you finish lower. One table had a drill fixture for making them, for $100. Kinda defeats the purpose. May as well buy a finished one and be done with it at those prices.
I am on vacation now and going to get back on the one I started a few months back. I have the little CNC mill set back up in my office, and the cutter I need for milling the threads. Be something new to try. I have some scrap pieces of aluminum to practice on before cutting the lower. Picked up a billet of aluminum to try and cut a lower out of. Found a program on the web. I want to pick up a block of machineable wax to practice on before doing the billet.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gun show tomorrow

Today was just sheer relaxation. The dog and I enjoyed some eggs and bacon to get the day off to a good start. After that, not too much. It felt good just to relax, sip coffee, and watch some recorded shows. Tomorrow will be the Indy gun show. Haven't been to one in several months. Not really after anything in particular, just a fun show to look around.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Nine days of relaxation,yes

Work is done, grass is cut, and I am ready to enjoy some R&R. Want to hit the Indy 1500 this weekend. Just not sure which day yet. The Louisville one is going on as well, but I believe I will hit the Indy one this time around. The Louisville one is just a regular gun show, and not the military one that is really cool to go to. Weather is looking cool, but sunny for the foreseeable future, so it looks like I may have picked a good week.