Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's hell to get old

Woke up today and couldn't hardly move. All the crawling around yesterday ripping up carpet and putting flooring down had me sore just about everywhere. I did manage to get almost all of it done today though. Just need to put some trim and thresholds down and reinstall base boards. May do that tomorrow if I can still bend that low. Turned out great. Dog did his part laying on the boards, sitting in the pathway to the saw, asking to go out every few minutes. Not sure where I would be without all his help. Not sure if he likes it or not though. He loves going at a dead run as fast as he can doing laps through the house. Poor dog can't get traction on the wood flooring. Like watching a dog do a burn out. One day of vacation left. Still would like to hit Louisville gun show tomorrow, but I believe I will be recovering and trying to get the joints working again.

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