Friday, April 26, 2013

Back to work -week one

Only been back from vacation a week and I am ready to go again. Back to ten to twelve hour days. Money is good, but it sure gets harder as the weather gets better. Living room floor turned out great. I still need to nail the trim in place, but it is all cleaned up ready to go. Tomorrow after work, I can get the air compressor and brad nailer out and get it done. Battery in Vette was dead last weekend, so I couldn't move it out of the way. Work has been so hectic, I haven't felt like doing it after work. May have hit the range Sunday for a little R and R. I may go safe shopping as well. Know which one I want, just have to see which of the two places that carry it has the best price. Now that the living room is done, it is ready for a new safe. The guns that don't fit in my other one will have a cozy safe home and I will have room for new toys.

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