Saturday, April 13, 2013

Machine gun shoot

Started out the day hitting the new Cabela's in Louisville. Got to see R Lee Ermey as he was visiting the opening. They had some nice guns in the gun library and I do believe I will hit them tomorrow for a smoker on my way home. The gun display was ridiculous. I didn't even bother looking at the new guns. They rope off the gun display and you have to get in a line and wait your turn to walk the gun display. Hardly anyone was looking at guns, but you had to wait in line to be able to have a salesman follow you through while you look. Sorry Cabela's, I will just go elsewhere for my guns. Enjoy your silliness. Whitikers has a better selection anyway. I did manage to get some .223 for a normal price. Pre school shooting nonsense prices. They have a limit, but, I will stop tomorrow and buy my limit again. May have to go out and back in once or twice. I am not hoarding as I will actually shoot what I buy. 

Machine gun shoot was very nice. No ammo for my Garand or my 03's, but I can order that from CMP. I was looking at a couple M1 carbines as well as a couple M2's. Did some drooling over a couple M14's, but they are just a tad pricey. Some day I may get silly enough to add one to my collection. The M2 carbines were not badly priced. One of those has a high possibility of winding up in my safe. I can always shoot over to Knob Creek to play with it and it would retain or gain in value. They have an annual membership at knob creek and are only a couple hours down the road. I can always switch the auto off and shoot at the club. Lots to do in the Louisville area as well. Hotel I picked is nice and is centrally located to the shoot and other attractions. I will miss the Patton museum this trip as they are closed Sunday and Monday. Picked up a bayonet for my K31 while there. Ammo was so so. They had some, but the prices were high for surplus. Most was the wolf brand non-reloadable. I prefer brass so I can reload when supplies run low like they are now. I have several hundred rounds at home and will pick up another 150 tomorrow at cabela's before heading back. Plan on hitting caves on the way home. Hope to get a safe while I am on vacation as well. Was going to post some pics and vids of shoot, but my phone is being stubborn and doesn't want to upload to computer. Like my RAZR, but it doesn't play well with the computer. My old phone synched up automatically. Not sure what the problem is with this phone.

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