Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally vacation time

Tomorrow I am off to the new Cabela's and then the machine gun shoot. YEAH. Got most of the latest hot job out at work, the rest will just have to wait til I return. After a few phone calls, I was able to get off jury duty and my name put back in for another date in the near future. Relaxation here I come. This time tomorrow I will be watching many things go BOOM. May even come home with a new toy and hopefully some ammo. The 30-06 is running less than the .223, so, I will probably load up on 30-06 tomorrow. May get my AR10 tomorrow as well along with some .308 ammo. Have to see how things go. Figure on hitting Boone caverns while in the area as well. Need to hit the Patton museum again. Last time I was there they were expanding it and I would like to see if they completed it yet or not. Lots to do and a whole week to do it. Debating on hitting St. Louis this week as well.

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