Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh oh, Gabby is pissed

Please explain how Gabby and her husband can bitch about a bill not passing and judge other people for the same thing they do. Gabby's hubby bought an AR and some magazines (or clips as the libs like to call them) not long ago. It is all over the news, look it up. I HATE hypocrites with a passion.
He claimed in one article that he did it to prove how easy an "assault weapon" (what libtards call AR's) is to get. Real funny part is he was turned down the first time because his ID had an outdated address on it. Then, when he went back with new ID, he had to wait twenty days for a waiting period at the place he purchased it. Sounds really easy to get, doesn't it. Almost sounds like the background checks that are in place work, doesn't it? Worthless two face libtards.

 The people have spoken. We called our congress critters. We wrote them. We donated to the NRA and other support groups. We won an uphill fight (at least temporarily) even with a billionaire and a group of mayors doing all they could to rig the vote. I am waiting for Donnelly to come up for a reelection. He wants to vote on party lines, he can go to Illinois where he would be appreciated and rewarded for it. I don't much care what they put up against him, they have my vote. I believe the democrats are in for a rude awakening in 2014, or at least I sincerely hope they are.

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