Monday, June 3, 2013


My new safe will be here tomorrow when I get home from work. They are going to bring it in the house and install it in my living room. Thought I would have to take off early to get it, but he is going to be in town for most of the day so he will drop off at my house on his way home. It is going to be converted to all long guns, no shelves except for the two on top. It is quite reasonably priced and it is difficult to find a store willing to bring it in a house and put it where you want it. Be nice having one in the house. I will put the guns I use the most in there. I saw a nice pistol rack at the show. It looks easy enough to fabricate, so I will be making a decent size one for the top shelf so I can put all my handguns inside the house. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. It has a dehumidifier in it already and I am going to install LED lighting.

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