Thursday, June 27, 2013

Well, once again, Coats stuck up for us.....Too bad Donnelly did not....again

With the Demtards holding the senate, it is no surprise the immigration catastrophe passed. It is, however, depressing to know one of your senators didn't have the stones to vote no. Once again, Senator Coats stuck up for the people while Donnelly, once again, voted with his party. Please let the republicans come up with someone who can take Donnelly's spot. The only reason he is in there is because Mourdock had to toss himself on the abortion grenade. I have high hopes the house will kill the bill on arrival. Hopefully the senate can turn red in 2014. I will be dropping a thank you to Senator Coats, and e-mailing  Senator Donnelly to let him know how he let his constituency down as par usual.

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