Friday, June 21, 2013


Every once in a while, the boss with obsessive compulsive disorder who wastes money painting and redoing the furnishings gets rid of nice stuff. Every once in a great while, I happen to be at the receiving end of the old stuff hitting the door. I managed to get an eight foot slab of maple butcher block attached to some very sturdy legs. It is one of the benches we were using. Capable of holding a ton (quite literally as the parts we grind are not exactly small and light). Only a neat freak would get rid of old, thick hardwood benches and replace them with steel benches. It's a mold shop. The main purpose of wood is to protect the parts from damage. Boss didn't like the looks of them, so, one now is ready to go up in my garage. YEAH. Now if they will just get rid of one of those icky looking Bridgeport's and maybe the small lathe, I may be able to help them out and get rid of them:) One more work day and then hopefully be on the way to Louisville for the gun show. Need to organize the garage, but I think it can wait another week. Want to get the pegboard and new workbench up, but a gun show is hard to miss.

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