Sunday, June 30, 2013

Image borrowed off of a facebook page. Still can't believe Americans voted the POS in twice.

I hit the gun show this morning. It was actually pretty good this time around. They got a lot of new vendors in since the last show. Lots of new and interesting items. I picked up a bipod for the AR and barely resisted the urge to pick up a goldenboy while I was there. Actually had a very reasonable price on it. Only three days left until vacation. I did manage to rearrange the garage a little during the very short weekend. I put the other work bench together before the rain hit. Didn't get much else done out there. Don't like parking the Vette out in the rain as it water spots easily. Weird weather. I don't recall such a rainy June before. Lawn loves it, but it makes it hard to get some work done. Was hoping on getting the peg board up, but that will be a job for vacation.

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