Friday, June 7, 2013

One day

Well, it turns out to be yet another one day weekend. I was hoping on a two day so I could go to the Friendship Indiana black powder shoot. A lot of the guys from work are on vacation next week and that is the destination. I have never been. It is a huge black powder gun show with all types of shooting contests. They have a huge flea market as well in case you are in need of more fleas. If I don't work next weekend, I am going to be there. It runs all week long including both full weekends.

On the bright side, this weekend is a big car show downtown by the Ohio River, and the local 4H has their annual antique steam and iron show. There is a lot to see there. It will be a short weekend, but a busy and entertaining one. At least tomorrow is only and eight hour day. It will seem like half a day. Grass is cut and most chores are done, so, off part of weekend is going to be all fun.

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