Sunday, June 16, 2013

A little relaxation for the day

Had to work yesterday, so I didn't get to go to the Friendship Indiana shoot as it is a few hours each way and a lot to do when you get there. I do believe I am going to schedule a weeks vacation around the fall shoot so I can check it out for a few days. Just did some relaxing today. Got up and made the dog and I some breakfast, then off to menards, lowes and home depot for some garage ideas. Picked up pegboard for the garage, to be installed during the week (seeing as how it started to rain when I got home and I have to park the Vette outside to work on the walls). Two more week, and a few days, until vacation. Can't decide for sure which direction to head. Wouldn't mind hitting Indy and checking out the zoo and maybe a museum. Then there is always Louisville. Looking at an old Harley sportster down here. Thinking it may make a nice little old school chopper. It is stock and runnable now and the guy has an aftermarket raked frame to go with it. Just need a springer for the front. Be a cheap little ride to see if my back can tolerate a motorcycle again or not. If not, I can have a little fun and sell it to recoup the money. Hope all the dads had a great Fathers day.

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