Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indy day

I hit Indy for the 1500. It was probably the least crowded Indy show I have ever been to. You could actually walk down the rows and see both sides clearly. I saw some nice gun safes there. I may be giving one a new home. The dealer is already delivering two in my area Tuesday and said delivery including installing in house would only be $200 since he will already be in my area. Trying to decide between it and a Browning. Didn't buy any guns this time around, but I did buy a couple really nice leather belts. One dress and one heavy duty. Cost a bit more than the store but these are real leather and should last quite a bit longer.
Saw a guy selling kits for making your own AR lowers out of billet. Says you can legally make your own lower as long as it is for your own use and not for resale. Have my little CNC hobby mill. May have to play with that idea. He was selling a blank that needed machining to complete. May have to get some 7075 or6061 billet and see about a little reverse engineering. Can't legally sell them, but it may be fun to make one for the heck of it. could make the trigger guard integrated into the piece. These are similar to what he had for sale.

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