Sunday, June 9, 2013

The iron show

I hit the iron show early this morning, but, weather wasn't exactly cooperative. I no sooner got there and the sky clouded up. Not bad, but enough to scare most of the vendors into packing up their goods and calling it a day. I did get to check out the old steam powered farm gear and tractors. It was fun, but I wish the weather would have been as nice as yesterday.

Next weekend I am hoping on hitting the muzzleloader show in Friendship Indiana. Most of the guys from work hit it this weekend and a lot of them will be spending most of the week there camping. Primitive campsites are only five bucks a night. I can almost remember rates that low from the early 70's. It is nice to see someplace that has family friendly events at non heart stopping rates. The iron show was OK, but I really wish I could have hit it yesterday while the weather was ideal and the vendors were in full swing. There are some vendors with tools for sale and you can sometimes get some great deals on some old name brand machinist tools. Most of the new stuff out there today is the Chinese knockoffs and most of the name brands have been long gone.

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