Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's here.....

I managed to get through another workday (somehow this week seems to have had two Mondays in it) and got home in time for the delivery crew. The Vette decided to eat another Diehard battery, so, the safe had to go through the front door instead of the garage. Still wasn't too painful. The safe looks great in the living room.

I put the stray guns that wouldn't fit in the Browning in the new safe for now. Have to sort through them later. Want to bring all my pistols and my most commonly used long guns inside. It looks to be about the perfect size and I love the way the cutouts separate the rifles. It makes better use of the room than most of the U shaped cutouts that are so common in safes. The shelves are 3/4 inch cloth covered plywood instead of press board. The door has heavy duty peg board. Very sturdy design. I will be adding a little LED lighting. It has a built in heater already.

Tomorrow, I will be sorting things out a bit. I love this safe. Going to have to get another battery for the Vette. Diehards USE to be a decent battery. This one is only two years old and dead. It was on the charger for a few days and it won't even try to start the car. Checked the voltage and it seems one of the cells went south. I won't bother with the warranty. I got this one at a discount as the previous Diehard did just that, it died hard and was still under partial warranty. Not sure what brand to put in, but it won't be Sears.


  1. Looks like one of the candyman's safes....Greg? I think?

  2. It's from Johnson safe out of Zion Indiana. Has a nice selection of them and delivery is not bad at all. Like to buy American when I can. He shows up at the Indy gun shows.