Friday, June 6, 2014

What a week, and it goes on and on.....

Everyday so far has been an uphill battle at work. By the time I get home, there is just no ambition left. Weekend list is up, and I am on it for both days, which is good. It's suppose to be rain all weekend, so may as well get paid. Hope to get back to working on the AR again. I kept forgetting a couple of my tools from work. Pain when I use the same tools in two places. Need to break down and buy a few more tools for home.

 I ordered the parts I need to build the interface for the digital readouts. I downloaded the android app for my phone and it looks pretty cool. When the interface is done, the phone will display all axis on mill. I will be installing one on lathe later in the summer. The interface board was only ten bucks. I had to buy some other components, all inexpensive. A bit of soldering and a bit of programming and I will have a very nice display. Figure when I upgrade my phone, the old phone will make a nice backup, and will become a permanent display for my lathe and mill.

We really got hammered at work. Back to six and seven day work weeks. At least the weekends are relatively peaceful. Bosses stay home so you can usually get a lot more done as there is no one to change the game plan. Saturday is classic country music on the radio which is also a perk. Day goes pretty good. Just makes for a long week. I only have three weeks until vacation, so I will have plenty of time to relax. May try to play with my AR lower tomorrow after work. Should be able to get out on time, and with no bosses to aggravate me, I should be a little more ambitious tomorrow. Got the laundry and lawn out of the way today. Only seven or eight more days until the weekend, yippee.

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  1. Rain? We may still make it to Iggie Creek as Partner has business in Indy Monday and will be here tomorrow. I need to exercise the new Ruger 1911.

    Hope you get some relaxing time off soon!