Friday, June 27, 2014

Ahhh, the weekend, a full weekend

Made it to the weekend, all two days. Tomorrow, I do believe, weather permitting, I will be attending the Princeton Indiana tractor show. Suppose to have a big flea market, steam powered saw mill, old tractors and lots of neat stuff to look at. Should make for a nice day. Have a gun show in Louisville to hit, and then, only two workdays next week. Vacation is looming in the not so distant future. I need to pick up some stone before the weekend is over as the sale ends Sunday. Not sure where to fit that in on the schedule. Two loads should finish off the landscaping. Going to go with river rock in the front yard. Need a few more bags of gravel for the back. Figure I can cripple myself at the beginning of vacation so I have a couple weeks to recover.

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