Thursday, June 19, 2014

Looking a little more like a lower,

and less like a paperweight. Finally got out and did a little bit of work on the AR lower. Hope to get more done tomorrow. Like to get the milling on the sides done, and hopefully, drill and cut the threads for the buffer tube over the weekend. Going to single point the threads in the lathe as I don't have the right size tap, and don't care to spend the money on something I won't use too often. If I keep on track, hopefully be starting to mill magazine and trigger group area out during the week. See how things go. Work has been pretty brutal lately. Energy lacking by evening as a rule.

Don't intend on rushing it. If I don't feel like doing it after work, vacation is just around the corner. Want to run the electric for my powder coat oven while I am off as well. Garage is really looking up. Intend on getting a little shooting in on vacation as well. Not really planning on going anywhere, just some relaxing and playing.

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