Saturday, June 14, 2014

Steam show day....

Spike got to go get coddled by a bunch of young ladies, while I went to the iron and steam show. He is very popular at the vets office. They love him. I drop him in the morning and they do his vaccinations, blood work and dental cleaning, and I pick him up in the evening. The steam show was awesome as usual. They have a working saw mill set up. A steam powered rock crusher where they turn busted up concrete into gravel. A steam powered hot rod type car that looked way cool. It was a very enjoyable day. Ate junk food. Went to the flea market. Picked up some used tools while there. The weather was perfect. Cool, sunny and breezy. I thought the gun show was this weekend, but it is next weekend. They have Shriner fest going on down town. Must have had an airshow as I got quite a show in my back yard watching them fly to and from the event. It is quite enjoyable watching from your own back yard. I would go, but I hate crowds. I hate downtown and I hate parking down town, so, steam show will suffice for weekend excursions. Picked up Spike and got him home. He sleeps pretty deep after a stressful day at the vets.

 I cut out to pick up a pizza for dinner. Had a really close call. Someone not watching their dog, almost became dogless. Dog came out from behind a bush into the road right in front of me, and stands there looking at me. Both feet on brake skidding to a stop. I swear I have never seen an animal other than a deer sit in front of an oncoming car and not move at all. I stopped and had to wait for the stupid dog to get up and move on back to his yard where the owner must have heard the screech and come out to rescue his dog. I would have been sick if I had hit the dog. Don't know why people think it is OK to let their dogs wander their front yards unattended. It is a very busy street.

Still waiting on tools I ordered to arrive. Usually they ship quick. Not so this time. Rather anxious to get back on my project. Missing the reamers for the AR, and the Bluetooth module for the readout. I can live without the module as I have the temporary readouts in the meanwhile. Reamers would be nice though. I want to finish the holes before milling pockets out. May play with the lathe a bit tomorrow. See how ambitious I get. May just relax a bit.

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