Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not much of a show

Went to the tractor show this morning. Huge let down. Have a hard time believing they would even advertise something so small. The flea market consisted of two booths with junk I would throw out. No steam anything, which would not have been an issue had they not advertised such. The tractors? A total of maybe forty of them. Parking lot looked to have about twenty cars. Oh well, at least I know not to bother next year. I did get hold of my buddy from work and waved him off of wasting his time.

Went to stores afterwards. Menards was out of their advertised rock, so I don't need to rush to get it by tomorrow. I usually don't shop there, but the price would have been good, had they actually had any. Headed over to Home Depot. Once again, I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. They raised the price of the rock I used in the back yard. This was no big deal. What I really dislike intensely is what they have done to check out. They have eliminated all cashiers except for the garden area and contractor check out. They have those self check out counters everywhere else. They blocked the regular cashier lanes off with displays. No, I am not against progress. I am against eliminating entry level jobs for kids starting out. I go out of my way to avoid them as I see them as a way of eliminating needed jobs for lower skilled labor. Home Depot just made my no go list. Just have to make do with Lowes, which is my first choice anyhow.

Rest of the day was just groceries and chores. Trying to work up the ambition to go to Louisville tomorrow. It's always a fun show, just not really feeling like driving. May just play in the garage for a while tomorrow.

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