Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time is slowing down to a crawl

The work part of the day anyway. The closer vacation gets, the longer the days. This weekend is the JAG show at the Louisville convention center, so that will be a mini break before vacation begins. It is a huge military gun show. Lots to see. They usually have several booths that look like they are straight out of a firearms museum. Totally awesome displays. They have some regular firearm dealers there, but it leans heavy on the military side. If I work Saturday, I will probably take one of my personal days Monday, which would make next week a one day work week. I could deal with that.

Machines are doing their very best to irritate me before I get out of there. I have been doing more machine repair than machining at work. Get one going, and the neighboring machine eats something. Blew a power supply on the drives on the one machine. Don't luck out like that very often, but our automations department had a suitable replacement on hand and we were back up and running again. I need to get away for a while.

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