Monday, June 16, 2014

About time

After a week, they finally mailed my order. Should get my tools mid to late week. It doesn't usually take them this long. I did get my chemicals for bluing the finished product, but, I am a bit away from that yet. It's a skeleton crew at work. A good number of them went to Friendship Indiana for a huge muzzleloader shoot. It is huge. I went last year. They have a giant flea market that sells anything and everything. It's not the type of flea market with the cheap Chinese junk for sale. It is like a huge yard sale. They have some cool tool shops set up where you can get good deals on used quality tools. They have guns and all the shooting supplies you would need (black powder type that is). Animal pelts, wood for stocks, and all types of fun stuff. Most of the kids go there, camp out, shoot and party most of the week.

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