Friday, June 20, 2014

Gonna be a busy weekend

Got off work and went to an antique auction with a buddy from work. Todays stuff wasn't really anything I am interested in, but tomorrow, a whole assortment of electronic parts and equipment. All kinds of components and gear. Figure if it goes cheap and hopefully when I am there, as I have to work tomorrow, I may pick some items up. They have tabletops full of boxes of old tubes, wire of all sorts, boxes of resistors, capacitors and some cool old radios. Have to work until afternoon, so I don't know if I can catch any of it or not. Have to wait until Sunday to go to the gun show. Only one full week left until vacation. Suppose to work Monday and Tuesday of the following week, but, I may just take a couple of personal days to fill the void. Two whole weeks out of that rat race would be awesome. Lord knows I can find all kinds of stuff to do.

I got my Bluetooth module in the mail today. Just have to solder all the parts together, flash the chip and my new display for the mill will be ready to try. Wish my Kindle fire had Bluetooth as it would make a really nice display monitor. Connecting through Bluetooth, I can use it and then carry the phone or tablet away when I am not using the mill. I already downloaded the app to my phone. I will use the phone for a display until I can find a cheap tablet to replace it. May take time, but I know I will find an outdated tablet at a fleamarket or clearance store somewhere on sale cheap. Don't need a high end one for a display.

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