Friday, January 20, 2012

Yeah, it's the weekend

It was a long hard week, but it is behind me now. I managed to get the CNC OD grinder back up and running again. They really mangled it bad while I was out. Bad enough that they crushed the accordion guards that cover the ways,but then they used a pry bar to remove them instead of leaving it alone until someone with a little common sense could look at it. I was able to bend them back into shape and reuse them. New ones run $4000.00 . Wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't tried to fix it. Then they run the machine with the guarding off and wonder why coolant went everywhere. Fortunately for them, the rubber guard that resides under the metal one they mangled kept coolant out of the oil and the ways of the machine.

 Caught up most of the work that fell behind when I went on vacation in December. I actually got off after only nine hours today. Yeah. And I get a two day weekend. Hopped over to a chinese restaurant I found via the Internet on the way home. Wasn't too bad. Tomorrow I am either going to the gunshow in Ferdinand or down to Whitakers. They still have my lever action I am contemplating as well as a few other interesting guns I want to check out.

Will also head down to the club to burn up some ammo in cowboy town. Hopefully with my new lever action. I can finally shoot my M1A as well. Weather is only suppose to be in the 40's, but dry and sunny. Need to pick up some more powder while I am out as well. Want to try out Trail boss and see how it fairs. Some of the guys at the club use it, others use titegroup. Need to order some lead bullets in .45 as well. They shoot wild bunch at the club and you can use a 1911 for it. I thought I had picked up some at one of the shows, but I either can't find them or am mistaken. Really wish I had been able to make the Indy show as last time I was there, there was a vendor that had a really great price on lead bullets.

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