Saturday, January 7, 2012

Whittaker trip

Woke up bright and early, and headed over to Whittakers to pick up my M1A. It's about a 45 minute trip, but it is through Kentucky, which is always a nice scenic trip. I stayed to check out the inventory, which is huge. I saw an Uberti remake of the  1866 Henry carbine. Absolutely beautiful. The action is unbelievably smooth and the finish is outstanding. The action is by far, better than the Henry rifles, as I tried them side by side. I believe it will be going on my shopping list for somewhere down the road. Might take my Rossi in, that I am not impressed with, and work out a trade.

I was really happy when I picked up the M1A, as it has all the papers, the box, 1 magazine and has the M14 stock. Picked up some match ammo for it and a reloading manual while I was there. Stocked up on some cleaning supplies while I was at it.

Really like my dillon reloader. It works nice and smooth. Beats having to hand prime and manually measure powder.

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  1. The Dillon is definitely a nice machine, but my question is how is that Harbor Freight bench? I was just looking at that bench for $99 in the HF sale ad, but I'm not sure whether it's steady enough.