Sunday, January 8, 2012

Almost missed light a candle day.

I must be living under a rock. I guess the nimrods that are against the second amendment picked today as light a candle day against gun violence. Not violence, gun violence. If only they would wake up and look at reality. Chicago has the highest crime rate in the nation, but the strongest gun control. Perhaps we could be like Mexico where guns are illegal. Wait a minute, their crime rate is through the roof as well. It is also ironic that wherever carry permits are allowed, the crime rate falls. Maybe because the criminals know that there is a possibility their target may shoot back. I firmly believe that places such as Chicago that have politicians that are against guns, should have in place a ruling. It is quite simple. If the people are to be denied their constitutional right to bear arms, so shall the politicians in that local. If Daly and the other parasites that oppose firearms were denied the ability to carry and denied armed body guards, their views may be slightly different than they are at present.If gun control reduces violence, Chicago would not be the cesspool it is today. If they truly had facts on their side, Holder would not have to had played games like fast and furious to try and give anti gun groups the edge they need to support their stance. Any how, Here is my candle to add to the others.

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  1. Your candle is more than that, it's a rock. Thank you for your strength and your inspiration to others wanting to learn firearm skills.