Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yeah, it's freakin snowing

Moved down here from the Chicago area (Indiana side of the line, not the commie side) and I still can't believe it. They don't have a clue about road care. My coworkers like to compare how in Chicago you get snow, but down here you get ice. What they fail to understand is, up north you get snow AND ice. The big difference is up north they had the God given sense to salt and prep for bad weather. Down here I guess the logic is God put it there, we will patiently wait for Him to remove it. It took thirty five minutes to drive home from work which is only ten minutes away. In the four miles from work to home I passed six vehicles down in the ditches that border most of the roadways down here. One clueless individual, apparently suicidal, got out of the car he put in the ditch while going down hill and popped up on the roadway while I was going down hill. Lucky for him the other side of road was vacant as I could not stop on the ice that put him in the ditch in the first place. Hopefully today's little flurry thinned out some of the not so brights. I can't fault him for going down into the ditch as the roads were icy, but to hop up onto the road with traffic sliding down the hill heading to a tunnel in the dark, not so bright. He was in luck as the tow truck behind me was able to stop and give aide. I do wish these people would get a clue and salt the roads before the temps get so low it does no good. Have to work Saturday. Hoping Sunday is decent out as I would like to hit the Indy 1500 gun show if roadways aren't heinous. New year is off to a bang. Working sixty plus hours a week so far. Hope it keeps up for a while. Rather work the extra hours while it is cold out than summer time.

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