Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally made it to the club...briefly

I actually got out on time today, giving me an hour of daylight for shooting. Club rules, you have to stop half hour before sunset. There is a substantial difference in the knock down power between the .45 long colt and the .38 special. The new rifle will feed better, when I use the right bullet tomorrow. I picked up lead ammo, which is fine, but it was semi wad cutters. Semi wad cutters do not feed well in a lever action. Soooo, on the way home, I hit Red Ghost gun shop and picked up some round nose flat points that should work fine. Try them out tomorrow and pick up dies, bullets and conversion kit tomorrow so I can reload for the weekend. Hope to get the M1A out as well. I will pack the truck in the morning so I can go directly to the club from work. I can make it from work in ten minutes so it would buy me some daylight. Hoping the rain they are predicting misses us or hits after the sun goes down. Looks like we might have eight hour days this week.I like overtime, but it is nice to get a breather once in a while. Surprised the club wasn't packed as nice as it was today.

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