Sunday, January 29, 2012

Very productive weekend so far

Went out yesterday morning and had my taxes done and filed, so that is out of the way for another year. I then headed over to the gun shop and picked up a couple miscellaneous items I forgot the other day. Ran off a few hundred rounds of .38 ammo before breaking dillon down and setting up for .45 long colt. Would have been a lot quicker if you didn't have to change primer rods from small to large. Had trouble with pick up tube at first, then discovered some flash on the plastic tip inside pick up tube. The primers were hanging up on it. Trimmed it clean and all went well. Reloaded one hundred rounds of the .45 yesterday and will finish loading one hundred more today. Want to pick up some more brass at the next gun show so I can keep more on hand. I am taking a couple single stage presses I have in for a couple of the guys at work who want to get into reloading. Loaning them my reloading video as well. They can see if it looks like something they want to get into before investing a lot of money. See if they would like to come over and try the dillon out while it is set up as well. I really like the dillon alot better than the old lee press I had. It didn't have the primer set up or the powder drop. A lot more labor intensive. One of the guys at work said he would be interested in the lee if he decides to get into reloading.

Going to pack up some guns and head to the club to turn some of the reloads back to brass again. Not  too bad out today. Suppose to be about 60 degrees for the next couple of days. Probably load the guns before heading to work Monday and Tuesday as well. That way I can head straight to the club from work. It is only a ten minute ride from work and a couple of the guys wanted to see the 66 lever action. The one engineer from work just got a new rifle from cabelas he wanted to show me. He called yesterday while I was at H&R block getting my taxes done. Him and his kids were out at the club. His kids just got their first rifles at Christmas time so they and their dad were out trying their new toys.

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