Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good day for a trip to Whittakers

I couldn't resist. I had to go back and get this model 66 lever action. It is unbelievably smooth and beautiful as well. They had some lead ammo for it as well, so we will be breaking her in tomorrow at cowboy town. They are calling for mid 50's for tomorrow so it should be rather pleasant out there. I picked up some Trail Boss powder to try out as well. Try loading some tonight to try out in the revolvers. Want to try out the M1A while I am out as well.

They had a few trapdoors and some 03's in the military section that weren't too bad. Trapdoor may find its way home one of these days. They were unbelievably busy today. The counters were loaded with guns heading to new homes. I was happy to look around at the inventory and wait for the crowd to taper off..Picked up  a reload manual while I was there. They have the new Speer manual out as well. Found they have the Greek ammo for the 03 on the shelf for a really reasonable cost. They must have had it for a while as it is actually a little lower than the CMP has it for at present. I couldn't find the H&R Garrand they were showing online. Didn't make the Ferdinand gunshow. May do that tomorrow to see what it is like. I don't think I have been to that one yet.

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  1. Oh that is VERY pretty. I think it should have a playdate with my Swiss Mauser one of these times when we can all get together.