Sunday, January 15, 2012

One day does not a weekend make

It was a rough Saturday at work. I wanted to make the Indy1500 show today, but I couldn't pry myself out of bed. A little extra sleep and I feel a whole lot better. Still haven't been able to get to the range with my newest toy. Maybe next weekend. Did my grocery shopping today as the fridge was empty. Stopped at the magazine rack as I usually do. I discovered my club made the winter addition of " Guns of the old west" magazine. The last few years, the NCOWS have rented out our club to have their National match in June. They rent it out for a week and the club members are welcome to join in or just observe. It is really something to see. They set up an encampment reminiscent of the era. They are all in western garb  and live in the old fashioned type of tents. They usually have stores set up as well that are fun to check out. I will have to take some pictures of it this year and post them. All the buildings seen in the mag of cowboy town were built by club members from supplies donated by club members. It was odd stumbling on pictures in a magazine of the club. Have to let Rob at the club know it is in this edition in case club members want a copy. Hope to make it back down to Whittaker's this week if they don't have me on tens all week. Want to pick up that lever action I was checking out when I picked up the M1A the week before last. I am pretty sure I will trade in the Rossi I am not too impressed with towards it's purchase..

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