Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunny day

It was a very pleasant day at the range. Made a lot of empty brass today. The reloads worked flawlessly. Absolutely love my new lever action. Didn't hit the rifle range as it was a swamp and I didn't bring my waders. We have been getting a lot of rain and in the fall they leveled the range area and created a mud pit in the wet weather. I imagine they will seed it in the spring, but it is a mess now. When the temps drop in a week or so it should freeze enough to walk on. Bumped into a couple of the guys from cowboy town I talk with at the club. One of them steered me toward a supplier for lead bullets that are really reasonably priced. About a third of what I am paying now. Going to get an order in for a thousand of .38 and .45.  The guy who told me about the lead was out with a nice 1911 he uses at the wild bunch shoots they have. I need to start loading for that as well. I pick up .45 acp lead at the show, but it would be cheaper loading it myself. I have a Smith and Wesson 1911 and it's something different to shoot over there. Wednesday is the monthly club meeting and the gun raffle, sooo, I am hoping on coming home with another new toy. For free, I am not even picky which one : )  Figure I will take a few of the guns to cowboy town before the meeting. It is suppose to be 62 degrees and sunny Wednesday. I hope the rest of winter goes like this. I don't care if I ever see snow again.

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