Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taste of spring

It actually broke 70 degrees today. On the way home, the thermometer read 71 degrees. Forecasting nice for forseeable future. Went out in the garage and put the charger on the Vette and aired up the tires. Crawled under the mustang to check on where I left off in the fall. Dug out my range gear and got the truck all ready for later in week. Hopefully get the vette roadworthy tomorrow so I can pull it out and start work on the mustang again. Hope to get the floor pan welded in this weekend if I remember to get the tank for the welder. Once floor is welded in place, I can lay on it to pull the clutch pedal. I want to install bearings and bushings as well as install shaft for hydraulic conversion. Wiring harness should be shipped tomorrow. I wont need it for a while, but it will be one more piece in the puzzle. Three week until vacation. I want to get out and get some brass and dies for the Norwegian Krags. I want to try loading some rounds for them. Found a couple sites that have the load info for Krags. It is a lighter than normal charge. Curious to see how they load and shoot. I will stop by Red Ghost gunshop tomorrow and see if he has the supplies. Brass is probably a special order, but he should have the powder and maybe the bullets. If not, he usually gets a pretty good turn around. His prices aren't too bad. It is owned by a fellow club member, and I like to help out the little gun stores as well. He is a real nice guy. Very helpful and knowledgable.He shows up at all the meetings and helps out at alot of the shooting events. Hope everyone is enjoying the warm up and hope it lasts for the weekend.

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