Friday, February 18, 2011

Nice weather still holding

Finally the weekend. One of the managers at work wants to join the club I belong to, so I am going to take him and his son out there tomorrow to check it out. He helped get my brother an interview down here and is a really nice guy. Does a lot with his family. Was suppose to bring his wife out, but she had to work. He bought her a gun for Christmas. If he likes the club, I 'll get his application turned in. The spot shoots start next weekend. Should be a lot warmer than the last one I worked. Weather forecast is still looking unbelievably great for February. It was almost 70 today and suppose to be in the 60's for the weekend.

Tomorrow evening, Ducks Unlimited is having their raffle and dinner at the local 4H complex. Suppose to meet up with some of the guys from work and get to meet some of the spouses. Should be a good time. I went to the Friends of the NRA last year and had a great time. This sounds similar as far as the raffle part. Sometimes I bump into some of the neighbors and/or club members at these functions.

Got the Vette started yesterday. I will start it up and let her run for a while tomorrow. Needs the dust washed off. May go by the car wash tomorrow. Not really warm enough for me to wash the car with the hose in the driveway yet. I want to pick up some paint while I am out tomorrow and throw a coat on the garage walls when the weather warms up. Can't wait for vacation. Three more weeks. Not really going anywhere. Just want to get some work done on the car and hopefully the Mustang drivable. Hope everyone has a nice weekend and the weather holds.

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