Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost March

Spring is just about here. Tomorrow is a gun show, then off to the club to get some work hours in. Throw some guns in the car, and make it a great afternoon at the range. Met up with some of the guys that shoot at the cowboy shoots last week. Try to line up with some of them and go hurt some of the metal bad guys. Still haven't shot my new shotguns yet. Hope to break them in tomorrow. The lever action one is definitely different. The one guy was talking about bringing out some of his flintlocks and muzzleloaders. My brother loaned me his black powder navy colt that I would like to take and shoot. I have the Uberti version in .38 caliber. I need to make a new site for the black powder one. I have the material and I can use the Uberti to get the correct size and shape.The spot shoots start on Sunday at the club. It is suppose to be almost 70, so it will definitely be nicer than the last shoot I worked when it was snowing on the range.
I finally received the wiring harness for under the hood on the Mustang. Should have it in while I am on vacation. Only two more weeks. I lined it up for the Indy 1500 gun show. Managed  to get the Monday after the show off too. If I find something too good to pass up, I can take it out and play on Monday. A couple weeks after Indy is the spring time machine gun shoot. I may try to take a vacation day so I can get a hotel out near it this time. I would like to hit the Patton museum while I am out there. It would allow me time to see the after dark shoot where the helicopter comes around and blows stuff up in the pit. It really is a totally fun experience. I have to go at least once a year. They have it in April and October. It is a huge gun show with military stuff everywhere. Flamethrowers to rent, machine guns to rent, helicopter rides with machine guns inside. Only in America.


  1. You will really like it Rich. Mine was a little more than that purchased separately with the scope added later. Nicely done!.

    The review:

  2. I am looking forward to picking it up during the week. I forgot that was the model you bought. I went to your review and remember reading it now. One of the guys I work with wanted to take his son out to shoot the one he just bought. I took them out to the club and he let me shoot it. It really is a pleasure to shoot. Ammo is reasonably priced as well. Thanks for the info and the review was very well written.