Monday, February 7, 2011

Parts arrived

I finally managed to locate a kit for the Mustang to convert the clutch to hydraulic. I will have to fabricate a new bracket for the slave cylinder as the kit is part of a conversion to the more modern five speed transmission. Shouldn't be hard at all. The footprint of the six cylinder leaves the clutch fork out in the open. I should be able to bolt to the flywheel housing using the flywheel housing/ engine bolt holes to secure bracket to.

The kit is pretty flexible. It comes with two reservoirs. One that can mount on the master cylinder as shown in first picture. The second one mounts on firewall or other location, and has a hose and adapter for connecting to master cylinder. I will probably go with the one that mounts to the firewall as it will be easier to watch fluid level and add as needed. It will definitely make shifting easier and neaten up under the hood area. It will also correct a fitment issue. When I installed the new z-bar, I found that the aftermarket rack and pinion steering rubs on the z-bar. The previous owner had shimmed the z-bar bracket with a stack of washers under the two bolts. This creates an alignment issue with the z-bar. It would also radically increase the wear of the nylon bushings in z-bar ends. They recommend reinforcing the firewall. I will look into that when weather gets a little warmer. May be able to purchase firewall patch panel and weld it to the existing firewall that is in good shape so as to double the thickness and not make it look like a plate welded in there. It was hard to find kit. It was popular, but the company that made it went out of business several years ago. This wasn't their only product.They were just a vintage mustang parts company that assembled a bunch of components to make this kit. Would be nice if another vendor would pick up the slack and offer a similar kit. They would probably fair well with it. Can't wait for spring. Lucked out so far and missed all the white stuff. We keep getting rain, and the snow we get usually disappears quickly (thank god). I am not a winter person. Moved down here a few years ago from Northwest Indiana. Don't miss the weather up there at all. Miss family and friends, but not the weather or traffic. Much more peaceful down here.

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