Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gun show revisited

Went back to the show today after researching some of the rifles I was interested in. The Swiss K31 was still there, but instead of lowering the price, he had raised the price overnight. The guy that had the one for $250 had done so as well. The one for $250 was gone before I left. I already own one, so I wasn't really interested in that one. The one for $500 that had good wood and finish is now $550. He did have fancy new price stickers on his guns, so he must have figured the new stickers raised the value of the gun : )  .  I will see if he gets more reasonable at the next show. Went back to my buddy's table where I acquired my Garrand years ago. He had a Swedish Mauser with a bayonet that looks brand new. Unfortunately, it was spoken for before I could claim it. I did however walk away with a nice pair of Norwegian Krags. I will also be checking out a krag-jorgeson he has when he gets it back in from his buddy. It is suppose to be pristine. They also have a nice danish krag with it's original bayonet I may pick up next time. The reloader has ammo for the Norwegian, I would have to check around for the 8mm for the  danish. Suppose to go over to the sellers house in a couple weeks to check out his collection. They were telling me about a show in Louisville Kentucky that is suppose to be twice the size of the Indy 1500. They said it coincides with the annual military memorabilia show. I was told they actually break theirs down in to different sections. They have military in one section , hunting in another, knives in their own. He says to allow more than one day as show is big enough not to be able to see all in one day.

Picked up a couple rifle cases while I was there as well. The weather is beautiful. It actually hit 62 today and suppose to stick around a while. May get to go to the range after work tomorrow. I am going to go out in a little bit and get the range bag cleaned and organized. Brought my K31 in to look at yesterday. Have to dig around and find the ammo for it. I haven't had it out in a while. Went to pick up the table for reloading, and the store was insane. I will drop by there during the week.

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