Saturday, February 19, 2011

Range Day

Went to the club today with someone from work that wants to join and his son. After giving him the tour of the grounds, we settled in at the range. He had a nice .17 HMR rifle with a scope. I have a new toy to put on my list. It was fun and extremely accurate. You can drive nails with it at 100 yards. He told me where the new gun store is where he bought it. I was looking for it a couple weeks ago and couldn't find it.Has a goofy looking road going to it that more resembles a goat path than a road. He is suppose to have decent prices and a pretty good selection. He really enjoyed the grounds and didn't hesitate filling out the application. He brought one of his kids with. His wife was busy and couldn't make it today. Told him we can line up and bring her out some other time of her choosing. His kid was well mannered and a decent shot. Took the O3A4 out again. I managed to get the scope sited in, and the bolts loosened up on the mount again. I remembered my tools today, but still haven't put any loctite in the box. Have to locktite the bolts and start over. Tried to use the bore sighter I bought over the winter. It is the type that has a sleeve and you load like you would a bullet. Naturally the batteries died immediately, before I could even use it for the first time. Trying to find batteries for it. Have to look around for magnifying glass. I can't read the numbers on old batteries. May head back to range tomorrow and try again.  Didn't make it to the Duck's Unlimited dinner. We stayed at the range late and had dinner afterwards. It was a fun day.
I also made it to Red Ghost gunstore. I picked up powder, more primers and some lead bullets for cowboy town. Lucked out and got 500 bullets for $30. May go back and get more of them. He bought them off of a friend of his that was getting rid of his inventory. Regular price is $50, so that is a really great price. Once I get use to reloading, I may get set up to cast my own bullets as well. Want to get use to reloading first. Starting off easy with 38 specials. Been saving brass for a long time, so I should be set for a while. Need to load some .45auto as well. They shoot wild bunch matches in cowboy town, where you can use a 1911 for your pistol. I have a lot of brass for that as well, but did not think to pick up lead bullets while at store. Gives me reason to return to store during week.
Rossi lever action rifle doesn't feed well. I bought it new last year, or the year before. They need to work on their quality control. They should be embarrassed letting a product go to market with all the mill marks and burrs. I will take it apart and deburr the ramp area so that it will feed without the bullets The Louisville one is suppose to have the nations largest military gun show going on at the same time. Have to see if I am ambitious enough to drive it or not.
Have to see what I feel like doing tomorrow. Don't know if I want to work on Mustang, start reloading, or go to the range again. I am definitely checking out the new gunstore in the morning. Wish I could have gone to the gunshow with my brother and Og today. Rumor has it Brigid is in their neck of the woods as well.

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  1. It would have been fun to have you in the bunch for dinner. Tell your brother thanks again!