Saturday, February 5, 2011

Club meeting

Had a great club meet this month. Every year, when you pay dues, you receive raffle tickets where you can win one of ten guns to be given away in the February meeting. I didn't win, but one of my buddies from work won a nice AR style 22. He has been talking about buying the exact gun that he won . It is nice to know one of the winners for  a change. He has a couple kids that he does a lot with, so this will be something else they can do as a family. It really is a nice setup. I just keep the tickets for the guns, but you can also sell them to recoup the money so membership would be free. It's only $120 a year, which is extremely reasonable for all that is included. Last month, I won a couple hundred on a cash drawing, so my dues were already covered. I also met a member of the club who has a FFL license and offers amazing deals to club members. I had him price the M1A I want and he can get it a lot cheaper than I have been quoted anywhere else. I am now looking at the super match. It has an extremely comfortable stock along with alot of other accouterments. I have the papers filled out to get my own C&R license, which will be nice for getting guns shipped right to the house.All that is left to do is get the signature of the local LEO on it before mailing it off.  That will help with the collectible military rifles. But, it will be nice to have a FFL contact for new guns. He says rifles usually take only three days for shipping. Hand guns are overnight. Hope to get my office set up for reloading this week. I have the equipment, just need to get it organized.

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